good hotels with decent kids clubs

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good hotels with decent kids clubs

We are looking for decent hotels in Europe with a good kids club. La Manga in Spain and Le Meridien in Cyprus seem possibilities. Has anyone visited either recently ? any information on qwuality of childcare [our son will be six] and food and accomodation would be very welcome. Thanks.
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Unless this trip is purely business related wno time for sightseeing then why go to Europe for vacation if you just want to dump your son in a hotel kid club? Why not take a family vacation at home in the States and actually spend time wyour child (I hear kids LOVE Disney World). If you think your son is too young to enjoy the sights of Europe why not wait and go when he is older and can enjoy and learn as well? OR if you must go take a cruise they have plenty of staff to watch your child. The absolute BEST childcare are parents who enjoy spending time wtheir kids not strangers in a hotel!!
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Already thought about Club Med or Robinson Club? These are specialized not only in professional childcare but also known for their excellent cuisine.

By the way, anonymous second poster, why should Jane and her family stay in the US? We Europeans also love to spend our vacations in other parts of the world. Is holidaying always supposed to mean "sightseeing"?
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Message: Myriam - Vacation usually means spending time wthe family which includes the children. Vacations are the time when most parents can spend ADDITIONAL time with their children. Where the vacation is really isn't important it's the time the family spends together that is important.
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Just for the record, Whygo a travel enquiry is not an opportunity to gratuitously comment on other people's parenting ability unless you are very sad indeed. Whygo the US is not the centre of the known Universe. I am British living in London hence naturally wish to spend some holidays enjoying life relatively near to home. We spend simply oodles of time with my much loved and very happy son and wherever we go [and he is very well travelled across the world as well as in Europe] we sightsee, eat, play and laugh as a family. Like many only children however he does not want to spend his WHOLE holiday with only grown ups for company and likes to have the option of a few hours every day with other children his own age and yes we like the odd couple of hours with a book in the sun knowing he is safe and sound at a good kids club. Trying to find somewhere we all like, all the time, makes for a very happy family life indeed so don't knock it !

Thanks Myriam you have reminded me about Club med I'll track their site down.

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