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maureensb Sep 12th, 2010 05:04 AM

going to Germany
this short notice, but I am going to visit my husband n Germany. He is there on a one year assignment with Bosch. He has been there only 10 weeks so far. Where should we go and what should we visit?? we are not good with the language, but would like to see and experience Germany mostly. He is in the Giessen , Lollar, Marburg area. anyone have any ideas fr us? We have only been to Europe once and we went to Switzarland to visit friends that were there. Thanks for your help, Maureen

treplow Sep 12th, 2010 02:11 PM

I'll make several assumptions: (1) Your husband has a car at his disposal (or you can/will rent one); (2) you are talking weekends, not longer trips.

Don't worry about language. Enough people in Germany - especially in what used to be West Germany - speak English for you to get along. The younger the person, the better.

Marburg is worth a day trip. For that, you can use one of the discounted day tickets. Check this, and schedules, on

Another nice day trip, by car or train, is to Limburg/Lahn. Old town with impressively located cathedral. A longer day, or better yet an overnight trip, is to the Rhein, via Limburg, Nassau, Bad Ems. This route is quite scenic. You come to the Rhein in Koblenz. Cross the river there, and drive along the river, upstream, as far as Bacharach. This is the prettiest part of the river, about 50km in length. Stay overnight in Bacharach or return to Koblenz. In the latter case, you can go up the Mosel to Trier and return on the autobahns A-1 to Koblenz.

Eastbound from Giessen is Fulda, another old bishop seat with the obligatory old cathedral.

maureensb Sep 13th, 2010 12:55 PM

thank you, yes he has a car. he has been to Marburg and likes it. the Rhine trip sounds good. i will tell him about that one.

PalenQ Sep 13th, 2010 01:00 PM

along with the Rhine comes the Mosel River Valley - IMO one of the loveliest places in all of Europe - roads meander along the whole sinuous valley where the river runs in shart loops with vineyard-clad walls rising up hundreds of feet. Sweet little wine towns dot the valley - Beilstein and the Haus Lippmann guest house have been totally raved about by legions of Fodorites - small wine village and family-run hotel.

check out Burg Eltz near Cochem - one of Germany's most famous castles, lying high above the Mosel Valley.

quokka Sep 13th, 2010 02:50 PM

There is heaps to do within a range of one hour by car or train.

Definitely Marburg. (I spent 11 years of my life there and love the place.)

Rhien and Mosel are an obvious destination. However, the Lahn valley downstream from Gießen is an enjoyable landscape, off the beaten path and hardly known outside the region, with many inetresting places to visit, some of which have already been mentioned: the old town of Wetzlar, Altenberg abbey, the baroque town and palace of Weilburg, the castle of Runkel, Dietkirchen abbey on a rock above the river, Limburg cathedral on an even more impressive rock above the river, Diez castle, Bad Ems where the Emperor went for spa treatment.

Turning right in Wetzlar you can also explore the Dill valley with Greifenstein castle and the bell museum, the old towns of Herborn and Dillenburg.

Since you have a car: Westerwald and Vogelsberg hills for hiking. The region north of Marburg with old towns like Frankenberg, Wetter, Korbach, the Eder reservoir lake, Arolsen baroque palace...

In the Taunus hills towards Frankfurt: Saalburg, recosntruction of an ancient Roman fort. Hessenpark open-air museum village near Neu-Anspach.

In the Wetterau region between Gießen and Frankfurt: Bad Nauheim with its art nouveau spa, the old town of Butzbach, Münzenberg castle, Arnsburg abbey ruin.

In direction towards Fulda: Alsfeld old town with its half-timbered houses, Schlitz with its castles.

Frankfurt and Kassel are within reach if you want some city flair, shopping, museums. In Kassel, don't miss Wilhelmshöhe palace with its landscape park on the hillside, Löwenburg and the Herkules statue on top of the ridge. Worth a long walk and afterwards a relaxing visit to the thermal spa in Wilhelmshöhe.

Say hello to my old home for me...

maureensb Sep 20th, 2010 05:35 AM

well leaving today, 9/20/10. thanks for the replies. I will say hi for you.

maureensb Oct 10th, 2010 05:49 AM

well I am back from Germany. Was as beautiful as everyone said
@quokka...loved Marburg!! we went there twice we liked it so much. Heidelberg was great and all the castles....
thanks to you all. we went to Kassel one day in the rain :(...
we did go up yo see Hercules though he was somewhat in the fog, but even so what a sight. And the water slide fountain..what ever you call it oh my it was truly one of the best sights we saw.
although almost everything we saw was being rehabilitated and
restored, just seeing how big the cranes were that they used was impressive!
Berg Eltz lived up to its hype! we had a meandering drive through farmland and countryside getting to it, not realizing that we had to go down to get to it!! But once we did oh my! we got there just in time to join the English speaking tour. As beautiful inside as out.
so thank you all for the great advice, we will certainly come back here for tips on the next adventure.

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