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Mary Jul 31st, 2000 01:12 PM

Globus tours
Going on a Globus tour to Italy the end of Sept. Anyone have any comments - good or bad about Globus?

sandi Jul 31st, 2000 03:18 PM

We went with them last August, to Italy, France and England, about 2 weeks. We found them very good, hotels were just average, and we would NEVER have covered that much ground on our own! There is some criticism on these boards as to the speedy approach to Europe, and rightfully so. But, after we run through Europe on a couple of Globus tours, we'll hopefully return to dwell in Tuscany, etc., that we especially enjoyed. I think you will have a great time! They drive for only about 2 hours at a time, then stop for a break on the longer legs. So its really well-managed. Believe me, for our first trips to a country, we could never have covered that much ground, handled the language and money-exchanges, eateries, and sightseeing as well as they did! And no, I dont work for them (But I sure would like a discount!:) ) Enjoy!

Dave Jul 31st, 2000 03:52 PM

We took a Globus tour of Switzerland. They are inexpensive, but don't expect quality in hotels, food, or guiding.

Al Jul 31st, 2000 05:08 PM

Our Globus tour of western and central Turkey was superb. Our guide, a professional archeologist, was an encyclopedia of information and a volcano of energy. Our drivers, our spotless Mercedes buses, and our baggage-handling were tops. Meals, hotels, and itinerary left nothing to be desired.

Joan Doyle Jul 31st, 2000 05:18 PM

Dear Mary: Globus was in charge of the Italian portion of my first-ever trip abroad in 1957--and if I'd been approached right after I came back I'd have answered in the qualified positive that the previous posters use. Good value for the money if not luxe. I'm glad they're still offering what they are good at. Good trip. Joan

Sandi Aug 1st, 2000 08:33 AM

Mary, <BR> <BR>I took a tour with Brendan/Globus to France for 14 days about two months ago. I had the best time! Can't say enough good things about the tour director and motorcoach driver. I hope you can only be so lucky to have them on your tour. Susan Boldis was the tour director, and the motorcoach driver was Rocky, didn't ever catch his last name. We got to see so many different places everyday. I like a fast pace. Some people don't. But I can't wait to take another tour with Globus, and my choice would be Italy/Greece. When you get back from your tour please post a report about it. Thanks! <BR> <BR>Sandi <BR>

Marion Aug 1st, 2000 08:40 AM

Unfortunately this is a question which should be asked before you book, not after. <BR>We took the Globus Rome, Florence & Venice tour last October and were, in the words of my travel agent, "burned". Had done several cruises and, of course, many many ½day tours in England, France & Holland -- thought Globus with it's ½ day of free time would be very much like those experiences combined -- some dinners with group, morning group tour and then on our own. What a false impression that was! <BR> <BR>Some points for you to be aware of & perhaps it will help you have a better experience: <BR>1) All included meals are in the hotels -- don't expect to have the great Italian food you read about on these forums. Also, meals are heavy on the red meat (poorly cooked). <BR>2) Hotels are located for ease of access by a large tour bus -- that means NOT near the center of the historical cities. And none were easily accessible by public transportation, which we enjoy using as part of the experience of Europe. Use taxies. Just because the brocure & agent "swear" the Venice hotel is IN Venice -- don't expect it to be closer than 1hr away! <BR>4) The hotels themselves were part of an American chain & you could be anywhere, USA. <BR>5) Change $ before join the tour -- one trick to keep everyone in line is to provide $ changing time only toward end of tour -- and then at their "selected" store -- no lira, no freedom to hire that taxi, etc. We had gotten several hundred in lira before we left and were very happy to have local money in our pockets. <BR>6) Some of the local guides were very good. Several were not. -- The driver was great, the driving was safe & he was very accommodating. As some previous posters have stated, the driver & driving was the best thing about the tour. The tour director used Hitler as her role model, plus she would be pleasant one minute and very nasty the next. <BR>6) Optional meals and activities are pushed VERY HARD. Only good one was the Sistine Chapel tour. If your tour does Florence, suggest you skip the optional "Beef" dinner -- it's bad pot roast, not what non-tour diners were served, although the drive out in the countryside was nice.

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