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pengwen Sep 24th, 2012 09:26 AM

Gifts to Italy
I want to bring gifts to Italy for my family. I would appreciate any
suggestions. It has to be small because of luggage restrictions.
Is Chanel 5 very expensive in Italy? Thanks

pengwen Sep 25th, 2012 09:03 PM

I was hoping to get some ideas. Some ideas from friends were American perfumes, like Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.
any ideas??

Rubicund Sep 26th, 2012 02:19 AM

Perfumes such as those and, to be fair all of the others, are available just about everywhere in the world these days. These are international brands and not exclusive to the US. The same is true of food and drinks etc. even if you can get it through security and customs and this question is often asked on here.

The consensus seems to be to buy something like a nice scarf or good bottle of wine once you arrive, or to take people out for a meal. If you want to leave a more permanent gift, then suitably framed family photographs might be appropriate.

bilboburgler Sep 26th, 2012 02:31 AM

small bottle of bourbon perhaps

pengwen Sep 27th, 2012 07:27 PM

What a great idea Can I get a bottle of good bourban
through security?

mjdh1957 Sep 28th, 2012 12:50 AM

No, it must go into your checked-in baggage or it will be confiscated.

Rubicund Sep 28th, 2012 04:37 AM

If you go the bourbon route, don't take a readily available brand. Select a good local US brand that doesn't get sold worldwide. So avoid the brands like Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark etc.

I can get all those in any local supermarket here in the UK and I'd guess Italy too.

pengwen Sep 28th, 2012 04:02 PM

Thanks for the tip/ We were thinking of Jack Daniels or Members Mark. I guess that out. I know they like Nike. Any US brands are good. Thanks

suze Sep 28th, 2012 04:38 PM

I would not take either booze or perfume. Since they are both liquid (must be checked not carried on) and in glass (might break), just seems like a lot of hassle.

Is there any specialty from where you live? Like here in Seattle we have smoked salmon, hazelnuts, berry jam, chocolates, coffee. In Vermont maple syrup candies. In the south nuts and candied nuts. Or something crafty handmade by artists (small candy dish, scarf, etc.).

Something special and unique is my point. Anyone can buy name-brand booze or perfumes pretty much anywhere in the world.

StCirq Sep 28th, 2012 05:11 PM

If you live somewhere that is big enough to have a small guidebook or coffeetable book with pictures of the area, take them that, so they can familiarize themselves with where you live.

pengwen Sep 29th, 2012 08:08 AM

Well, I am in the Chicago area. Famous for Pizza. My relatives have been here several times and I did all the books of Chicago printed in Italian. I think I will go to a
sports store and look for Nike. As far as the perfune and cologne I might get some good stuff, because I don't think they would spend that amount of money on themselves.
I sppreciate all your comments.

Nutella Sep 29th, 2012 08:36 AM

Where do you relatives live in Italy? I know there are a number of Nike stores in Rome.

flanneruk Sep 29th, 2012 08:37 AM

" I think I will go to a sports store and look for Nike. "

What on earth for? Have you got ANY idea how many shops in Italy sell Nike sportswear? Possibly a tad pricier - sometimes. America charges far, far more import duty on the Chinese or Indonesian -made clothes sold as Nike than Italy does, so after your shop has slapped local sales tax on there'll probably be no difference even in price.

pengwen Sep 29th, 2012 06:30 PM

OMG you just shot down my shopping ideas

bilboburgler Sep 30th, 2012 04:27 AM

I fly with booze in the bag a lot of the time. Just wrap it up in bubble wrap (or the kiwis do an inflatable double skinned thing) and stick it in the hold. Never had a broken bottle yet.

lorettajung Sep 30th, 2012 05:07 AM

I don't like the smell of Chanel No 5, so I would never wear it.

You might bring a token gift (like an American liquor, or a small postcard book of Chicago views, or a Frank Lloyd Wright trinket) so you don't show up empty-handed. Go to the museum stores in Chicago and look around. But once you are in Italy, arrange with an Italian shop for a gift certificate card. You can subtly ask your family what their favorite neighborhood shop is, and then go there and pre-pay an amount to the owner your family can use to buy themselves gifts.

Or, while you are conversing with your family, they might tell you they wished they could get such and such like they have in the States. When you get back home, buy it and ship it to them.

bendigo Sep 30th, 2012 06:08 AM

International Designer Brands are all available internationally - I'm not sure why you'd go across the world to visit an outlet mall - looks similar to what I'd expect to find in the UK and USA, and many of the same in Australia:

suze Sep 30th, 2012 07:28 AM

My reason for not liking the perfume/cologne idea (besides the hassle of carrying liquids) is that it's such a personal choice. Unless you specifically know what a person wears (if any scent) just buying Chanel 5 or whatever may be a great gift... or not.

I think you're overthinking this. Just buy a few token gifts, as suggested, from Chicago, maybe even general use household items like really high-end linens, kitchen or guest towels.

Then when you're in Italy, buy flowers, buy wine or booze for the house, take them all out to dinner.

Mimar Sep 30th, 2012 08:02 AM

Having just come back from Chicago, I thought both the Art Institute and the Chicago Archicenter had wonderful gift shops with lots of choices. As did Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Oak Park. I'm sure you can find something Chicago-esque in one of those shops.

uhoh_busted Sep 30th, 2012 08:16 AM

Great idea to visit the Art Institute's gift shop. Look for things that can be used, like pot holders (which I found hard to find in Italy), trivits, or even kitchen towels. You've just reminded me, I need to get a hostess present for the people we will be visiting in Cape Town, next month.

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