Gifts to Bring to Eastern Europe

Jul 16th, 1998, 05:45 PM
loraine burger
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Gifts to Bring to Eastern Europe

Have you suggestions for "American" gifts to take to EE? Cigarettes? What else???
Jul 17th, 1998, 07:04 AM
Robert Kolbinsky
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Just got back from a tour to Poland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Wherever the communists were in control, the people are pitifully poor. Cigarettes are probably cheaper there than here. They love American T-shirts, anything w/ Michael Jordan. T-shirts w/ your State would be appreciated. Also caps w/ logos on them. Soft cotton towels would be good. (Theirs are made of a different kind of cotton.) Personal care items are expensive. Perhaps body wash and lotions - like a gift set. Most people could use anything you provide. Gifts depend on age, gender,etc.
Jul 29th, 1998, 12:40 AM
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As far as gifts go ... a nice bottle of California wine might be an idea. Foreign wines are available here (in Prague), but they're expensive and seen as sort of an extravagance. As far as cigarettes, brands like Marlboro, Camel, etc. are widely available. For smokers, American cigarettes are always appreciated, but you might choose a lesser-known brand for novelty's sake. Small items like perfume, a good book, a bottle of scotch will always be a hit. Try to choose something that doesn't insult a person's dignity. Most Czechs -- and probably Poles and Hungarian, etc. -- are probably better off than you think, and the shops are filled here with many of the same things you can find in the States. Good luck.
Jul 29th, 1998, 03:26 PM
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I lived in Poland for 2 years and remember that they had lots of nice things to buy, including American cigarettes, French champagne, and plenty of other luxury goods. But, I did pay attention to what I could not get there, and it included most clothes that I would wear. I suggest considering quality clothes -- a good Brooks Brothers shirt or a Lands End sweater. I like the towels suggestion too. Anything high quality and durable and stylish will be welcome.
Jul 29th, 1998, 03:37 PM
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Electronic organizers (all price ranges)were the biggest hits for me because they are either not available or too expensive.

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