gifts from Austria and S. Germany

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gifts from Austria and S. Germany

Recently, someone posted a message asking people who'd gone to Italy what souvenirs they WISH they had brought home with them. Any opinions on this concerning Southern Germany or Austria? Best buys, interesting little items, etc.?
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Martin, I just returned form Germany and Austria and I feel that we did not miss any gifts we wanted. The best gifts I can think of are the ones that of course bring back memories but are speciality of the area. We brought back 7 bottles of wine from the Mosel river area. I told my wife we are here now, lets get and if we need to paid customs when we come home then we do. All the wine made it home and we did not have to pay any customs fee. I also got a great sweater from a trachten store in Germany. It is a tradition German look and was under $75. So when winter comes and everytime I wear the sweater it will bring back warm memories. Glenn
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Having recently returned from a trip to Austria and southern Germany, this is a request dear to my heart - we wish we had shopped more - even my husband said this, and he detests shopping. We were in such a hurry to see places and have experiences that we didn't buy much. In most instances this is great, but we wish we had done some selective shopping. As it was, we bought a few hand-carved angels in Oberammergau, Mozartkugeln (delicious chocolate balls -buy them only in Salzburg and close by) and Christmas ornaments in Salzburg , Meinl Kaffee (artist Klimt cans) in Vienna, and various other items in Rothenburg and Munich to bring home for gifts - including teddy bears dressed in lederhosen for children - and a couple of beer steins. I can't believe I'm actually posting this for all to read because I'm not sure they're great gifts - I really like the wooden carvings, but they're pretty expensive to be giving as gifts to everyone...
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Martin: On our trip last summer to Germany, my wife and I brought back only a few items, but ones that will be special in their own way: Several Christmas ornaments and a "smoker" figurine from Kathe Wohlfahrts' in Rothenburg, Two Hummel (boy and girl) figurines and wine glasses from Heidelburg, beer glass from Langen, key holder/bell from Garmisch, wine from the Rhine and Mosel rivers and my "usual" beer coasters and can of Coca-Cola.

My only other suggestion would be a cuckoo clock from either the Black Forest or maybe Garmisch, Oberammergau, etc. If you are into hats, then the traditional German hiking hat would do. Maybe an Asbach-Uralt for a "Rudeshiemer Coffee" from Rudesheim on the Rhine.

Don't forget, plenty of film.
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Definitely Christmas ornaments (wood carved specially). They are easy to carry and very typical of the Region (a very practical souvenir; every year will remind you/your friends of the trip). They are somewhat expensive, though. Kathe Wohlfahrts's stores have the best variety, but you can definitely get cheaper ornaments if you check around. Also pins made in the region, specially the ones in the town of Ettal. The ones made out of pewter hand-crafted by the locals (old weldsmith tradition) are beautiful and very inexpensive.
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I second the suggestion re: Christmas ornaments.
In Munich, there is a fabulous wood store in the
Viktualianmarkt (sp?) called Leute. I find their wooden plates make original and beautiful gifts at a very reasonable price. They have a lot of nice kitchen stuff. Also in Munich: Ludwig Beck is a fabulous (though fairly pricey) dept store and for really traditional stuff, see Loden-Frei. They have beautiful clothes which will last forever, including the famous green woolen coats, but...$$$$$$$. Have fun.
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One of the gifts I like to buy in Germany and Switzerland are the small little plates that you use as coasters. They are white china with different scenes of the area you are visiting. I have several from different trips and they always bring back memories.

I also save the beer mats that they give you when you order a drink. I write where and when on the back and save it. It is fun to look at them later.

I usually buy a pen and ink sketch of the areas we visit and I have them frames at home. I also take lots of pictures while in Europe and I have made picture collages of France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Just going through the hall helps us remember some of the wonderful trips we have had.

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