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jck4 Jul 24th, 2009 04:58 AM

getting to/around Aeroe Island, Denmark
We will be visiting Aeroe Island next month. We had planned to take the train/ferry from Copenhagen and rent bikes while on the island, but now I am pregnant and not feeling up to biking all over the place.

It looks like we will now rent a car in Copenhagen and drive to the car ferry. Where does this leave from and how long is the drive to get there? Does the car ferry to to Aeroeskoebing or Marstal?

If we didn't have a car, would one day just walking around Aeroeskoebing be stimulating enough? Will it be a pain in the butt dealing with a car?


hsv Jul 24th, 2009 01:19 PM

There are 3 options to get to Aeroe by car:
- From Svendborg on Southern Fyn to Aeroeskoebing.
- From Faaborg on Southern Fyn to Soeby.
- From Rudkoebing on Langeland to Marstal.
All 3 routes are operated by Aeroefergerne:

I would allow 3.5 to 4 hours to get there by car (incl. the crossing from Svendborg to Aeroeskoebing of about 1 hour).
The route from Svendborg to Aeroeskoebing might be your best option. Faaborg is a longer drive from Copenhagen and the connection from Rudkoebing on Langeland to Marstal requires taking another ferry to get to Langeland: from Taars on Lolland to Spodsbjerg on Langeland, which could increase travel time considerably.
The ferry between Taars and Spodsbjerg is operated by Langelandstrafikken:

Aeroeskoebing features (apart from quite nice facilities in their marina, which I presume will not be of interest for you) a picturesque array of historic houses. It isn't very big - I once took a guided walking tour after having arrived in the early afternoon by sailing boat from Svendborg and the tour did not last much longer than 1.5 hours and I felt I had seen it pretty much all.
Don't get me wrong, though - I quite love the Danish "South Sea islands" and their laid back towns. It's a great way to leave the world behind and getting lost there.

While you don't need a car in Aeroeskoebing, I am a big believer in renting cars just for the independent travel style they provide - you can easily make detours just at the spur of the moment whenever you find something you might want to discover on the way.

jck4 Jul 24th, 2009 01:32 PM

thank you, hsv, this was very helpful - i thought there wasn't a car ferry Svenborg-Aeroeskoebing.

We are traveling with a 3 year old boy and having the car may make things much easier on us not having to lug the luggage around. Also, we arrive on a Sunday and apparently there is only one store in Marsdal open on Sundays, necessitating a car if I get a crazy craving. I'm assuming there are restaurants open of course.

jck4 Aug 24th, 2009 03:58 PM

didn't get/need a car - 10:30 train Copenhagen to Odense, 12:41 (?) train Odense to Svenborg 1:30 ferry to Aeroeskoebing.

LOVED Aero Island - felt well enough to bike the 13 km to Marstal - very cute too and a lovely ride.

Lovely memory of picking wild blackberries near the old firehouse. Terrific time - wish we could have had more than 2 nights. Really liked our hotel - off the top of my head can't remember - Aero Inn or Aero Hotel.

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