Getting from Nuremberg to Krakow


Jun 8th, 2007, 08:18 AM
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Getting from Nuremberg to Krakow

In Oct. my husband and I will be taking a river cruise from Budapest to Nuremberg and then traveling on to Krakow & Warsaw where all 4 of my grandparents were born. It's my first trip there and I'm very excited. We want to take the train from Nuremberg to Krakow but know nothing about it. How long of a trip would this be? Is a night train appropriate or would we miss to much scenery? Would we have to change trains? We want to stay in the very heart of the old market square in Krakow and I think the train station there is "Glowny". Would love suggestions on 4 star + hotels in the market area. I have been suggested the Hotel Pod Roza but have been unable to email them directly. Anyone have this hotel's direct email address. Other suggestions gladly welcomed. Also for Warsaw. It's such a big city and I don't know where the best place for a hotel would be. Many, many thanks for any and all help. Somehow I always find the help I need from fellow travel junkies like myself.
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Jun 8th, 2007, 09:02 AM
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Krakow, Europski (?)Hotel
Warszawa, Polonia or Metropole
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Jun 8th, 2007, 09:10 AM
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I don't think this is a very good idea. Taking a train from Nurnberg to Krakow involves 2-4 changes at least, and takes 13-17 hours or so.
Some go through Warsaw, so it would probably make more sense to go there first, actually. In any case, if you do that, you might want to stay somewhere in-between rather than doing the whole trip at once.

For example, you can go from Nurnberg to Berlin direct, then change and go to Warsaw direct, and then change to get to Krakow. That's a fairly simple route for this complicated schedule, and would take a total of 14 hours. (leave Nurnberg at 7:40 am and arrive in Krakow 21:50 pm).

YOu can do a sleeper and only transfer once, if you want -- Nurnberg to Berlin direct, then get on a sleeper to Krakow. Leave Nurnberg at 16:36 pm, arr. Berlin around 9 pm, then get into Krakow at 9 am.

For staying somewhere in-between, it could be Berlin or Dresden, for example. I took the train to Krakow from Dresden and it involve one change at Gorlitz (the border) but I then went to Wroclaw and stayed a day or two before going on to Krakow.

I don't know of any budget airlines from Nurnberg to Poland. Actually, Ryanair flies to Krakow from Frankfurt, and you can get to Frankfurt from Nurnberg pretty easy by train.

You might want to learn a little Polish if you are going there and have family. Glowny, for example (as transliterated, the l is really a Polish letter with a slash through it) is just a Polish word that means "main" -- so you'll see it attached to lots of cities train station names, square, etc. (the name for Krakow's central market square is Rynek Glowny, for example).

I stayed at the Pod Roza and emailed them for a reservation, what address did you use? This is their website, their address is right on it that I used, I think

[email protected]

I think I responded to this info before, not sure, as I mentioned that hotel and another one I liked in the area.
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Jun 8th, 2007, 09:48 AM
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The Ryanair flight would be from Frankfurt (Hahn) and not the "real" Frankfurt airport you can reach easily from Nberg by train.

If you really wanted to do this by train and you have the time, you could catch a direct (no changes, 5 hour ride) train from Nuremberg to Vienna and from there on to Krakow. If you overnight in Vienna, you could catch a train (6 hours or thereabouts) to Krakow next day. Depending on when you travel, there are some direct trains to Krakow from Vienna, although I had to change at Katowice. From Krakow, train to Warsaw and either fly home from Warsaw or train to Berlin and fly home from there. Or fly from Warsaw to Frankfurt--there are direct flights from Warsaw to FRA for about $250 one way on LOT.

However, this feels like backtracking (as I assume you'll see Vienna on your cruise).
Any chance you could do the trip to Krakow and Warsaw BEFORE you pick up the river cruise? Get all your central/Eastern Europe travel done before your cruise.

For example, you could fly into Berlin (if you can't fly into Warsaw for some reason), catch a train to Warsaw (somewhere around 5 to 6 hours by direct train), visit Warsaw, train to Krakow, visit Krakow, then overnight train to Budapest (about 11 hours).

Or, perhaps the simplest thing to do, is from Nberg, train up to Frankfurt airport, catch a LOT flight to Warsaw, visit Warsaw, train to Krakow, visit Krakow, then flight back to Frankfurt (roughly $325 total airfare for flights to/from Poland, train fare would be extra).

Whatever route you choose, you've got to do some careful planning, but if you have the time and don't mind a bit of palaver, why not? One of the best things about travel is going to places you've always wanted to see--and if there's a family connection, so much the better!
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