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hetismij Jun 23rd, 2009 12:27 PM

Whatever you do, if you are using T-mobile whilst abroad make sure that is the network you are connected to or you will be charged extra.
You can see which network you are connected to on the screen, and in the menus you can change the network to the one you want if it isn't already.

Have a look at for a pretty clear explanation of using your cell phone abroad.

Nikki is right you do not need the country code, just the 10 cipher number.

Remember too that the emergency number is 112.

Also a good idea is to have in your phone memory under ICQ the contact number(s) of someone back home in case something happens to you - others can then contact your family in one go, without having to try your entire phone list.

Nikki Jun 23rd, 2009 01:50 PM

Hetismij, it is my experience that it does not matter which network you are connected to. It has almost never been T-Mobile when I have been in Europe, and we are charged the rate of 99 cents per minute for international roaming. I do not believe there is a discount if you are connected through T-Mobile, and I have not found T-Mobile as an option everywhere.

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