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shanart May 17th, 2004 11:39 AM

Gatwick to London
Leading the duckies through Gatwick needs a little more help. Three of my group are coming in to Gatwick a week late. These people are, so to speak, lost in space. I need explicite directions for this group getting from Victoria station to Sloan Square Gardens, flat #10. Should these ladies take a taxi from the airport or is that cost prohibitive? If they take the train to Victoria Station they will need exact instructions on where to go in the station to find the tube. I hope to purchase there tube/bus passes on line closer to time. Mr. Haines? anybody? Thanks once more. Shanart

Andrewmac May 17th, 2004 12:11 PM

I would imagine that the Gatwick Express to Victoria is cheaper than a taxi as well as being much quicker.

When your "duckies" waddle off the train at Victoria, the entrance to the Tube is just off the main concourse and is well signposted.

Sloane Square station is the next stop along from Victoria on either the Circle or District Line.

Distance wise, it's only a mile by road, so perhaps a taxi from Victoria may be more convenient than the Tube.

Hope this helps.

starspinners May 17th, 2004 12:20 PM

For the Gatwick-London trip A PRE-BOOKED car service would be less expensive than a taxi . The car service will probably cost not much more than 3 Gatwick Express tickets ( £33) and the benefit of the car service is door-to-door transport. The duckies would not have to worry about schlepping bags on/off trains either, all would be cared for.
And you would not have to worry that your duckie trio is wandering around London trying to find the rest of the gang.

m_kingdom2 May 17th, 2004 12:41 PM, for sixty pounds cash, they will chauffeur you in a Mercedes promptly and courteously to your destination.

AAFrequentFlyer May 17th, 2004 12:47 PM

A private transfer from Gatwick runs about 20-25BP one way (40-45BP return) per person. The driver will meet the duckies when they exit customs, the 3 duckies will have the car all to themselves, and the driver will deliver them to the required address. It may be the best way to go.

For further info look here:


Gatwick Express is 11BP for one-way and 21.50 return. So it would be cheaper by train, but there is still the matter of taxi to the house and fighting with the luggage.

starspinners May 17th, 2004 12:52 PM

I've just looked up your previous post about leading duckies through Gatwick. :-)

If you decide to forego a car service from Gatwick and the duckies arrive at Victoria Station via the Gatwick Express , please direct them to the taxi rank in front of the station. It is marked by signage. It will be so much easier for them to take a taxi rather than the Tube for that final leg of their journey to Sloan Square.

If your 3 late arriving duckies are as travel challenged as you say, let's not make them attempt the Tube from Victoria Station to Sloane Square.

First of all, if the ducks arrive during morning rush hour, Victoria Tube Station is teeming with people rushing to work.
Secondly, the area in front of the ticket barriers are shoulder to shoulder with humanity... and the duckies would have to negotiate luggage thru the barriers, AND then they would have to drag the luggage to the Tube level and then find the correct platform ( which will also be teeming with people) .
When the Tube pulls up and the doors open then is a rush of people exiting and a rush of people jamming onto the car. Your little group has to get themselves and their luggage crammed onto the would not be unheard of for the duckies to accidentally get separated in the crowd.

Anonymous May 17th, 2004 02:11 PM

Private hire cars usually set their price per trip, not per person. Two of the most commonly recommended on these boards are London Transfers and Swiss Cottage. This is certainly the route I would choose for three people who are &quot;lost in space,&quot; considering that they'll be jet-lagged, in a foreign country, etc. The driver will meet them as they emerge from customs/immigration, help them with luggage, etc., and get them to the door of the hotel.

shanart May 17th, 2004 04:49 PM

Thank ya'll so much. Starspinner, you are on. That is exactly what happened to us a few years ago and apocket was picked as well. Anoymous, I will check into the two that you recommended. Thanks to Andrewmac for the station instructions. It has been a while. The three that are arriving later are very timid, frightened ladies. I just want to make it as stress free as possible for them. Also, I want to be at a flea market on Saturday and really didn't want to go back and escort them in. M. Kingdom, I will check into the Aircars. Thanks again, Shanart

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