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My travel agent has just informed me that Travel Link, the excellent bus service from Heathrow to London, does not operate from Gatwick to London after 1.00 p.m. Our flight arrives at 6.00 p.m.There is an airbus service but it only goes every hour.
We don't want to take the train because my partner is disabled. Has anyone any suggestions other than a taxi?
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The 1 p.m. doesn't sound right (1 a.m., maybe). Can somebody help Meg, please?
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Meg: You can take the Gatwick Express train to Victoria Station (and tube stop). About 30 minutes and $14.00 each way. Check the details and hours of operation at
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If I were disabled I would much rather take the Gatwick Express than the AirBus or some other coach service. The train leaves directly from the Terminal and there are elvators for disabled use. Once you get to Victoria it is easy to get to the taxi stands which are right out front of the station. Does your friend use a wheelchair, or simply sticks/a walker?
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If you have a lot of luggage, get a driver, my mother and I just got back and there is no way we could have dealt with getting our luggage through the station and on the train....
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Thanks everyone. I've also had a personal e-mail from Janie, with loads of info. You people are just great!

I think we might just 'bite the bullet' and take a cab, and count the cost of part of our vacation expenses.

I hadn't thought of it previously, but I consider the age of husband and self, and I'm thinking "Why not!"

Again, thanks everyone!
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Use a driver pick up service, we do and it's great. No hassle getting luggage on and off trains, stairs, etc. and much cheaper then a cab. We use: We've used them from Heathrow (and reurn) several times and had no problems. Gatwick will be more expensive, but it's so much better then hassling public transportation as it is door to door. They meet you in the arrivals section (after immigration) holding a sign with your name on it.
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Hi Meg.

While we have never had a problem reaching the Gatwick Express, with luggage carts and elevators, a taxi may be your best bet if you are tired from your flight and don't feel like hoisting baggage onto the train. However if your homeward flight leaves from Gatwick, you may want to check and se if your airline has passenger check in at Victoria before boarding Gatwick express. I know British Air does, and one other airline we used but I can't remember which, maybe Virgin. It is so much more convenient. You check your luggage , get your boarding pass and you are free to go on the Express unemcumbered and also avoid the long lines at the airport. wonderful service, I wish all the airlines would offer it.

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