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TC Nov 10th, 2000 03:17 PM

Gatewick Express train travel from airport to London - have you done this?
Can anyone give me first hand experience and guidance regarding taking the Gatewick Express train into London? Where is the train terminal located in relationship to arriving planes? Is it easy to access from the airport terminals? How difficult is transporting luggage? Can one roll luggage or are there lots of steps to negotiate? We've used the train in Amsterdam, so aren't fearful of the exprience. Would just like to know the nuts & bolts before we depart. Thanks to all.

Liz Nov 10th, 2000 03:41 PM

We took the Gatwick Express from Gatwick to Victoria Station in October, then took a taxi to the hotel. The airport personnel where quite helpful in directing us to the correct platform. Anairport employee, a very kind gentleman, even said, follow me, I'm going that way, and made sure we found our way. As a result, we were able to get right on the train, no waiting, and were comfortably on our way. There are escalators and elevators, as in any airport. You can keep you luggage either overhead or close by. No problems. Clean, etc.! Follow the signs, but if you have a question, just ask.

Clark Nov 10th, 2000 03:58 PM

The Gatwick Express is a terrific service. Gatwick, the secondary London airport, is a God-awful distance by cab to town, and this train is great for convenience and cost, and is faster than a cab anyway. Try to find a cart for your luggage in the arrival hall, because is it up to several hundred yards' walk to the train terminal, but there are some peoplemover flat escalators, and it is well marked with signs (and no steps to negotiate). I think it costs around 12 pounds, but it's been a while since I've taken it. The train is very comfortable, and drops you right at Victoria Station in 30 minutes, with the Tube below and a cab stand out front.

kathy Nov 10th, 2000 05:13 PM

The express is easy to find, easy to negotiate. You can use Brit Rail passes purchased in U.S. or pay on board.

kk Nov 10th, 2000 07:33 PM

TC, I was hesitant to use the Gatwick Express last year but felt compelled to try it because it was so much cheaper than the taxi alternative. It worked very well and I definitely would use it again. I agree completely with what the posters above have written.

mkary Nov 11th, 2000 06:28 AM

If you are one or two people use the Gatwick Express. When our family of four travel we use a minicab service to get to and from Gatwick from North London, the cost is about the same.

Rena Nov 11th, 2000 09:02 PM

We took the Gatwick train into London's Victoria station last year. Once you find the train "area", look up and find the big time board like the ones in airports and train stations (black background with white letters that flip.) Look for the next Gatwick Express train leaving for London and the platform info. If you have time to buy tickets before boarding, great. If not, a conductor will come around during the train ride and you could buy your ticket then (w/no penalty). Proceed to the platform which is one level below. I'm sure there's an elevator for bulky luggage but I ended up dragging mine down the stairs. Have fun!!

TC Nov 13th, 2000 01:46 PM

Thanks to all who replied. Your advice gives me confidence. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time. Oh....and sorry for the typo on "Gatwick".

judy Nov 13th, 2000 02:44 PM

Hello TC, First time to London, we were horribly jet lagged for some reason...(too much wine maybe) and took the local by mistake! It was rush hour pandemonium, but we saw the worker bees heading into London...very interesting.. the train stoppped quite frequently(the only negative) either train will get you there(I hope). FYI, Judy

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