Fun even for young english speakers?

Old Oct 23rd, 2000, 04:25 PM
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Fun even for young english speakers?

We are considering visiting Paris and we are not fans of neither museums or operas, etc.Also we don't speak french. Is Paris for us? (we also only have to go on January, is it the right season?)
Also, is there any other place fun to go and visit outside the U.S. that you could recommend?
Thanks in advance
Old Oct 23rd, 2000, 10:00 PM
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Zillions of places outside the USA are "fun". Some where I had "fun" are, in alphabetical order: Amsterdam, Bangkok, Bali, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Cologne, Copenhagen, Gran Canaria, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Montreal, Paris, Prague, Siena, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, and Yangon.
Old Oct 24th, 2000, 05:05 AM
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Actually, Sjoerd is completely incorrect. There is no fun anywhere outside the U.S. All other countries are filled with dusty museums, boring historical sites, antiquated entertainment like opera and theatre, and mediocre scenery. Stay in the U.S. and spend the money you saved from the trip on Jaeger night at TGIF.
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perhaps you'd better help us out here and say what you DO think fun or like to see/do when traveling in addition to what you don't. My first impression is that Paris probably isn't for you; perhaps some day if you've been lots of other places, but I would guess there might be many more places you would prefer given your stated preferences. I love classical music and am a pianist, but even I am not crazy about opera (I like the music, just don't like watching one) and have never been in Paris, so that's not important. If you really don't like museums a lot, though, I am inferring you might not like a lot of other things that makes Paris special (to me, at least), so that's why I say you might prefer somewhere else. ESPECIALLY in January as it will be cold and perhaps rainy or something, and museums are at least one activity to do in that situation. I thought Greece was tons of fun (but I love museums so really like theirs), and would be more moderate weather in January; I think Greece is a real fun place, I love the food, dancing, crafts, history, and I had a Greek boyfriend once. The islands are fun also but won't be tropical in January. Do you like architecture and history at all? If so, I loved Egypt also and that is a good place to go in January (great museums, can't get away from them). Long post, but I do think you have to contribute a little more for someone to suggest some good places for you.
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I'd hate to think this is a troll (although the grammatical errors raise some questions....).

Why are you considering Paris in the first place? Are you mostly looking to party and you think Paree might be Party Central? If so, look at the Caribbean. Do you have enough money to go to Australia? Jan. is the best month and with the Olympics gone, they probably have room.

No one insists that you do museums or operas, but you have to be open to something other that hearty-partying to make going to Europe worth it.
Old Oct 24th, 2000, 06:37 PM
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hi Elaine, I totally agree with the other's hard to know what to suggest...if you don't say what you are looking for in a vacation.
It doesn't sound as though you would enjoy Paris.Maybe you are looking in the wrong direction.The carribean is a good suggestion if you want to party...or Brazil.Belize...if you want beaches and snorkeling...and exploring
Mayan ruins. Costa Rica...if you enjoy
white water rafting,beaches,jungle...
You have to decide what you are looking for...first.

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