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French town that has been left as it was (destroyed) after the war??

French town that has been left as it was (destroyed) after the war??

Aug 16th, 2001, 01:33 AM
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French town that has been left as it was (destroyed) after the war??

I recall reading many years ago about a French town that has been left as it was (destroyed) after the war (I think it was world war one fighting). My new boyfriend is interested in going to Europe with me in October but he is a real war buff and when I mentioned this town to him he's very interested. Only I no longer know the name or where it is or even if its still left destroyed. Can anyone tell me about it and where it is and what the story behind it is?
Also how can you get there from Paris and what other places nearby are of interest to tourists?
Aug 16th, 2001, 02:09 AM
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Hi Janice,
itīs Oradour-sur-Glane, near Limoges.
You will find something about its history here :

Rgds, Covadonga

Aug 16th, 2001, 04:47 AM
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You'll find a nice piece on visiting Oradour at

Aug 16th, 2001, 07:18 AM
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Oradour is an awe-inspiring experience, especially for a war buff. I've never seen anyplace like it. We were there 2 years ago, en route from the Dordogne to Paris. It remains one of my (and my childrens') clearest memories from that trip! Don't know what else is around there of interest, unless you have time to go to the Dordogne...
Aug 16th, 2001, 07:45 AM
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Janice, You may want to find out which war your boyfriend is interested in. My husband , too, is a war buff, but only interested in world war 1. Oradour is from WW2.
while no towns from the first world war were left in the destroyed condition, the landscape bears poignant reminders of the ferocity of the attacks. What people at first think of as little hillocks are really depressions caused from shelling and explosion. And there are numerous small towns with small museums, cemeteries , and wonderful monuments. This part of France is more to the north and west of Paris, towards Belgium and Normandy. If you want more info on this area or WW1, I will be happy to email you some sites and info.
Aug 17th, 2001, 11:41 AM
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This response won't help a lot but here's go : Oradour is indeed a village destroyed during WWII, but I *believe* there are several villages in eastern France which have been left in the state they were at the end of WWI (they were totally ruined and their population had fled) though they are still supposed to exist from an administrative point of view, as "reminders".

Just searched for some names : Beaumont-en-Verdunois,Bezonveaux,Cumiere-le-mort-homme,Douaumont,Fleury-devant-Douaumont,Haumont-pres-Samogneuse,Louvemont-cote-du-poivre,Ornes. All these villages were situated in the Meuse departement, close to Verdun. However, I don't know if these villages have been left as ruins or where completely destroyed (with nothing left to see).
Aug 17th, 2001, 05:09 PM
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Have been to Douaumont, there is nothing left of the village, but the fort is still there and quite interesting. There is an underground barracks, and several artillery emplacments still to be seen, And the landscape shows the signs of the fierce battles that were fought there. The ground looks pitted and hilly and it wasn't that way to start, just the result of bombardments. The whole of the Verdun area is most interesting if you are any kind of a war buff.

The ossuary near verdun is a ver special place and you can feel the ghosts of the past

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