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SUEDAN Aug 4th, 1998 06:50 AM

French Riviera Area for Five Days, End of September!
My wife and I will be in the French Riviera at the end of September and are looking for some treasures to visit. We are also wondering if anyone has visited some of the local perfume factories in the surrounding area and can suggest some to check out. If you would like to pass along your best spots to visit, we will be awaiting your reply. Thanks for the asssistance. <BR>

BOB THENAVIGATOR Aug 4th, 1998 08:36 AM

Spend on day in the foothills going to Grasse[perfume], Vence, and St.Paul. Another day spend in <BR>Monaco and Menton to the east, and another day at <BR>Eze and the old town of Nice. I would also consider <BR>driving as far as San Remo in Italy, and meandering <BR>back along the coast road. The museum at Cap Antibe <BR>is also worth your time. Have fun !

Laura Aug 4th, 1998 06:25 PM

The French Riviera is lovely, but be careful of thieves in Nice. I was there last month and I was told that thefts have become much more commonplace. Wear a money belt. <BR>

Zoe Aug 5th, 1998 01:55 AM

Just got back from Riviera after a wonderful holiday (near Cannes). Don't bother visiting perfume factories in Grasse. A friend of mine who spends the winter on the Riviera every year said it's dull and boring! I visited Renoir's house in Cagnes-sur-Mer which was poignantly beautiful, set in an olive grove with lovely views across to Haut-Cagnes. Also, the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild at St. Jean Cap Ferrat is lovely with beautiful gardens overlooking Villefranche Harbour and the bay. Monaco is definitely worth a visit. I won the 50 franc admission fee to the casino on a one-armed bandit in the lobby--then won it back again inside on the Roulette! Even if you don't play, the casino is worth a visit for the kitch value. There's sure to be a Ferrari or two parked outside. If you like boat trips, there's a cruise trip around the Bay which offers underwater views from its transparent acrylic hull. Great fun! Finally, for people-watching, try cocktails on the terrace of the Carlton hotel in Cannes. Lots of old men with young nubile things on their arms! Drinks are expensive (950 francs for a cocktail!) but well worth it for the experience. If you're driving, park in the car park under the Palais des Festivals--all the zones are named after movie stars. (We were in "John Wayne"!) Bon Voyage!...Zoe

Christina Aug 5th, 1998 08:53 AM

I could be wrong, but I don't think you can actually <BR>visit perfume factories in Grasse. I've been there, <BR>and what they have is sort of a "show-room" type <BR>thing where you take a little tour and they explain <BR>(with displays of old equipment, etc.) the perfume- <BR>making process, and then there is a room where you <BR>can supposedly buy stuff at a discount. I don't <BR>think this is their actual factory, which is <BR>probably out in the countryside somewhere. I can't <BR>remember the one I visited, but I think there aren't <BR>that many to choose from (2?). I'm sure if you <BR>winter on the French Riviera every year, it would be <BR>utterly boring. If you are really interested in that kind of thing, I'd say it was moderately <BR>interesting--there is also a perfume museum in Grasse that is pretty good. It was raining when I <BR>was there, so I didn't get a very good impression of <BR>the town, but there wasn't that much to it. Unless <BR>you are a die-hard perfume nut, I would not put <BR>this on the top of my list--not because the perfume <BR>museum and showrooms were that boring, but Grasse itself wasn't as pretty or interesting as I thought it would be, that was about it for the town -- <BR>although I did get some very good food at a cafe in <BR>the square you cross coming into town. <BR> <BR>

Zoe Aug 5th, 1998 09:04 AM

Erm, correction....expensive though they may be, the cocktails at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes are not 950 francs. I meant, of course, 95!

SUEDAN Aug 5th, 1998 10:44 AM

Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. We are mainly going to Grasse to stay with a friend. Your tips about the perfume factory has changed our minds. We will use that time to check something else out. <BR>

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