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lovetotravel27 Mar 14th, 2006 06:56 AM

French Alps vs Swiss Alps - anybody?
We will be visiting Paris second part of May, whole trip 12 days, including one day in Loire Valley.

Still deciding to go to Switzerland for 5 nights from Paris, stay in Vevey on Geneva lake and spending 1.5 days on the lake and 2 days taking trains to Zermatt ( a tiny part of Glaciar Express) and Interlaken (part of Golden pass)

OR instead of Switzerland to go to French Alps, which is probably a little easier and would maybe allow to stay in Loire valley for one more day.

Are French and Swiss Alps comparable in their beauty? We are not hikers.

What would be a good itinerary to stay in French Alps for a couple of days, going from Paris.

Thanks a lot!

Images2 Mar 14th, 2006 07:06 AM

We much prefer the Swiss Alps to the French Alps! If you want to spend the night in Zermatt, this hotel is wonderful! We stayed here last year and it was the highlight of our trip. It's a wonder of engineering. You look through the glass floor in the reception area to the pool and spa below. They have couches outside on a patio with a magical view of the Matterhorn! You are treated like one of the family here.

Coeur des Alpes for 200CHF (134 Euros) per night.(smallest room they have, but wonderful!) Includes Swiss buffet breakfast and spa. Phone # +41 (0) 27 966 40 80 FAX # +41 27 966 40 81 Cancellation policy 3 weeks prior.

Intrepid1 Mar 14th, 2006 07:24 AM

The very highest "alp" Mont Blanc is, obviously, in France. For a spectacular view of some of the highest peaks in both Switzerland and Italy, including the Matterhorn, the view from the two vantage points in/near Zermatt are pretty spectacular. The train ride up from Brig/Visp has some great views as well.

It is a hard decision from my own standpoint because of the VARIETY of things/scenes you'll have if you do go to Vevey, Interlaken, etc...because you'll be including more than just a couple of alpine views. Personally, I would include Switzerland and all the things you have planned.

Yes, for some it would seem "rushed" and for others there will be the usual outcry about "lack of depth" but I don't think you'll regret this..and you'll probably want to come back for more.

enzian Mar 14th, 2006 09:03 AM

We were in both areas for hiking last summer, and enjoyed Chamonix very much. Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks are spectacular. But if you are not hiking, I think the beauty of the Swiss alps is much more accessible to you. Also, as Intrepid says, there is more more variety---including lovely vineyards above the Rhone, on your way to Zermatt.

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