Frankfurt-Paris 9 days

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Frankfurt-Paris 9 days

My husband and I arrive in Frankfurt on May 2, will rent a car which we will return in Paris on evening of May 10. We would like to cruise the Rhine and see Burg Eltz on the Mosel. We'd like to drive the Wine Road in Alsace but also very much wish to visit Garmish-Partenkirchen and the Zugspitze. Any suggestions how to squeeze it all in? An evening in Rothenburg would be nice, too.
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Susan: I don't know about the use of a car, but during one visit to Germany, we took the trains from Frankfurt (our arrival city) to Rothenburg. Spent the afternoon, one night there and part of the next day there. Trained back past Frankfurt to the Rhine (a long train ride), then explored the Rhine/Mosel region for a few days, all by train. From Trier we headed to Paris, again by train (and, again, a long trip).
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Since you're driving, your first step should be to try a site such as to check milages. I think mappy has a feature that lets you put in all your stops, then suggests the most efficient route. Don't know how well it works, but it's a start.
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Hi there,

9 days seems not to be a lot for this tour. But I know this problem of time in holidays. So perhaps Your tour could go like this: Arriving or looking arround Frankfurt. Haveing an "applewoin" in Sachsenhausen, looking museums, rent a car ...

2. day: Going from Frankfurt to Koblenz (about 120 km Autobahn), have a cruise on the river Rhine. Go up the river Mosel, visit Burg Elz and go back to Koblenz for overnight stay. Dont miss a glas of local wine for dinner. Going to Rothenburg (about 250 km, mostly Autobahn). Have a break at Wuerzburg and take a look at the castle (a must). Stay overnight and do a walk arround on Your own or by a guided tour at night when the buses are gone. Going south to Garmisch (about 300 km). Having a stop maybe at Ulm (highest church tower in the world and a nice old town) or at Noerdlingen. Depends on the route You do. For Munich it is not enough time. Take a look at the mountains, if there is enough time You can take the train up the Zugspitze. Going to the Lake Constance and Schaffhausen (about 330 km), best is via Innsbruck and Bludenz in Austria. Or, if You go up very early, pass Fuessen and take a look at the castle Neuschwanstein (guess not enough time for a tour). At the Lake Constance take a look at Lindau, or Meersburg, or visit the little monastier island Reichenau. Overnight in Schaffhausen (Swizz) and dont forget to look at the falls. Going via Basel, Mulhouse, Colmar to Strassburg (about 350 km). Lots of things to see on the route, depends on how fast You are. Going to Paris. Have a stop in Nacy (Place Stanislaus is a must), Vitre le Francois and along the the river Marne. Paris, Paris, Paris Going back home or to Versailles, depends on when You leave.

Have fun

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If your (air travel) plans (to get to Europe) were not already made, this would have been my suggestion. Maybe the concept can still help someone else.

This should have been a "stopover/open jaw itinerary" - - and that might or moght not have been an affordable alternative to the air travel you already did buy.

A stopover/open jaw almost always needs to be on a European carrier. In this case, Air France would have most likely been the only good choice (but possibly Lufthansa in the alternative).

It would go like this:

Fly to Frankfurt (almost surely via Paris); rent your car, see the Alsace and other Germany destinations, driving west to East.

Commence your return from Munich; by definition this makes it an open jaw. Of course, the first segment is Munich-Paris. but you don't go straight home, when you get to Paris; you get off for a day or two (or many). that makes it a stopover. When it's time to go home, you're considered just on the completion of your return flight.

I'm not talking about doing this "under the table". It's sold like this. And it will usually cost more than a simple open jaw. But less than adding on a one-way ticket (or even a throwaway roundtrip) - - in many cases.

It's a helpful strategy for connecting three different destinations SOME of the time.

Use the national airline of destination C. Fly into A, via C. Travel by ground to B. Fly from B to C. Spend any number of days at C. then continue onward back home.

The stopover can also be at the front, instead of at the back.

Best wishes,

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Thanks everyone for the prompt response. Rex, our tickets were a gift. The purchases thought we would see the Rhine Valley, visit Alsace and on to Paris. Good idea, but I really want to see the Alps.Gar, the purchaser, just last night, suggested the Sachsenhausen district in Frankfurt for the first day. Must be a good idea. How do I get there from the airport. IT'S OBVIOUS,
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Sorry, my thumb gets in the way using the laptop. As I was saying, it's obvious we must compromise. Between the Rhine, Rothenburg and Bavaria, which would be your first choice to spend 2-3 days?
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I am leaving Atlanta Ga April 23rd. Could you please give me the money exchange in Frankfurt and in all locations mentioned in the above messaages? Also I am interested to know the weather temperatures compared to Georgia. Also what is the time difference between Ga us time and Germany. Thanks so much . Please reply as soon as possbile...
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Nice gift - - but just out of curiosity - - were you really given a gift of non-refundable, non-changeable air travel? Were you consulted at all? dates?

Realistically, my answer was intended for other readers who might be able to apply the concept to some parallel situation or plans.

Have a great trip.
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Yes, Rex. We were asked, "where in Europe would you like to go". We replied, Germany and France.He asked, "can you go in May?". When we said yes we booked the tickets. As I've said, I believe he intended us to see the Rhine Valley, Alsace and then on to Paris.(I will catalog your suggestion for the next trip, though.) Thanks.
Liz, thanks for the tip. Have you tried Gar, your suggestion was extremely helpful. I've decided to I've decided to save the Alps for a second trip (flying into Munich).
How does this sound?
May 2 Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen neighborhodd (and rest after flight)
May 3,4 Rhine & Mosel
May 5 Rothenburg
May 6 Drive Romantic Road as far as Nordlingen, then over to Baden-Baden
May 7 Baden-Baden (Roman spa, casino)
May 8,9 Alsace wine route
May 10 drive thru Champagne to DeGaulle to return car
*someone joins us in Paris on 11th early morning so we must be in hotel night of 10th.
May 11,12.13 Paris
May 14 Fly home

We still have one week left, feel free to critique. I'm relying heavily upon Rick Steves and you good people.
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Thanks for the follow-up, Susan.

Now for a few specifics from me.

I like Baden-Baden. The casino is perhaps closer to what I thought The Casino at Monte Carlo might be like. Very sedate, elegant. You'll probably get a chance to see people bet, lose and perhaps win ten thousand euros at a time with grace and flair. Not my league, for sure.

Dining recommendation - - STRONGLY recommend Schloss Neuweier - - about 15 minutes out of town up in the hills above B-B. Or for true stratospheric dining, Hotel Traube-Tonbach at Baiersbronn (1 hour drive?) - - let me know if you need websites etc. I just recently posted stuff on Traube-Tonbach. In a league all its own of all restaurants in Europe. Something like 11 chefs for 19 seats in the Schwarzwaldstube (I might have some details rusty in my memory on that). Call now for reservations. Might already be too late, but perhaps not for two.

And in the sightseeing department, I will recommend the town of St. Hippolyte, and right above it Chateau de Haur Koeningsbourg.

I have other ideas in and outside Paris, but you will get tons of advice from others here.
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I returned Wednesday. Loved the applewine bars in Sachsenhausen (and the pig knuckles)on day of arrival. Thanks, Gar. Spent two and one-half days in Rhine and Mosel Valleys, hoteled in St. Goar, under light rain. God, it was pretty there. Good beer and Mosel wine.
Drove to Rothenburg, what a contrast to the Rhine/Mosel. The Crime & Punishment Museum and the Nightwatchman's Tour were a crash course in German custom. Great town.
From Rothenburg, took autobahn to Stuttgart then drove scenic Southern route of the Black Forest (from an itinerary posted by Wes Fowler on this sight). Breathtaking drive! Stopped several places along the way, overnight in Freiburg.
Next day crossed to France, all day and night in Colmar. Good intro to France. Unterlinden Museum wonderful. Discovered Alsatian beer!
Following day-the Route du Vin. Stopped at every town on the route, tasted and purchased two Alsatian wines at cave in St. Hippolyte. Thanks, Rex. Overnight in Nancy.
Next day drove west to Paris through absolutely beautiful region. I was told this drive would be boring but it was quiet and stunning, through tiny villages, past grand chateaux.
Four days, five nights, in Paris, joined by our 19 year old daughter and her friends from London.
TGV train on the morning of the 15th from Gare du Nord to Brussels. What comfort, and only 90 minutes. Afternoon flight from Brussels to Kennedy and back to Florida. Thanks so much for the advice, everyone. During the trip I remembered comments from different postings on this sight and it honestly helped. Too bad everyone seeking advice as I did can't get responses from well meaning people like yourselves, instead of the selfish bickering and self serving comments I see all over some of these boards. Sincerely, THANK YOU.
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