Frankfurt, Germany hotels


May 27th, 2015, 10:05 PM
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Frankfurt, Germany hotels

We will be in Frankfurt for a day and a half in June prior to the start of a tour. I'd appreciate any suggestions for a nice and reasonably priced (I know that's subjective!) hotel. We will be flying into Frankfurt and the tour group meets at the airport when we depart. I know there are hotels right near the airport, but since we have a day and a half we plan to do some sightseeing in the City. We are thinking that a hotel in the downtown area would work well as long as we can get to and from the airport fairly easily--especially a hotel near tourist attractions. Any ideas for places we should see in Frankfurt would be much appreciated, also. Thanks so much for any input.
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May 27th, 2015, 10:32 PM
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First, I recommend you grasp the hotel prices and availability on target dates. One easy way to get the feel is to use and click on the map and hover your cursor.

Frankfurt is a city where the hotel prices skyrocket when there is something going on. The easiest way to see if this is the case is to actually look at availability and prices. I often end up staying at the airport due to overpriced hotel prices downtown due to some big events in the city.

Also, how many nights are you talking about? If it is only one night, consider the trade-off of having to drag luggage to downtown only to do the reverse a day later vs staying at the airport. There are frequent S-bahn connection between the airport and the city so if you are staying at the airport, you can easily go to downtown on S-bahn.
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May 28th, 2015, 01:09 AM
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If you think the hotel prices in the city are expensive during a trade fair, the hotels at the airport are just as expensive if not even higher. That said, I would never stay at the airport if I could stay in the city. The convenience of walking back to your hotel after an dinner and strolling along the river rather than needing to catch a train to the airport is something to think about. Luggage with wheels makes taking the train easy and it is only 11 min. to the city. If you are at either of the airport Hiltons, it will take you 10 min. to drag your luggage there too, or if you are at an "airport hotel" with a shuttle, you have to wait on that too and drag your suitcase onto the bus.

There is a large trade fair 15-19 June. There are several fests in the city that would be fun, so if you give us your travel dates, that would be helpful.

I prefer to find hotels, but everyone has their favorite.

Recommended central hotels would be Hamburger Hof, Mirimar Hotel, Spener Haus Hotel, Adina Apts., Hotel Nizza, Beethoven Hotel, Dirazi Guesthouse, Le Meridian, Flemings Deluxe City.

What to see?

- The Roemer and the Roemerplatz, City Hall since 1405 and old town square

- Book Burning Memorial, site of the Nazi book burning

- Alte Nikolai Church, Gothic church built in 1290

- House Wertheim, the inner city's only original half-timbered house left at the end of WWII

- Eisener Steg, pedestrian bridge on the Main River, covered with Love Locks, & offering a great view of the skyline and the many museums lining the riverbanks.

- St Bartholomew, better known as the Kaiserdom, Imperial Church which was the site for elections (since 1156) and coronations (since 1500's)of the Holy Roman Emperor for centuries

- Joerg Ratgeb's wall paintings in the Karmeliter Kloster (Carmelite Cloister), the largest religious wall paintings north of the Alps, painted in the early 1500's

- Stumble Stones (Stolper Steine), a unique way of commemorating the many victims who lost their lives under the Nazi regime

- Jewish Holocaust Memorial Wall, a very personal memorial that the city of Frankfurt has created, to honor the memory of the 12,000 Frankfurt Jewish Citizens who lost their lives during the Holocaust, including Anne, Margot and Edith Frank

- Medieval Jewish Cemetery, one of the oldest and largest Jewish cemeteries in Germany

- Jewish Ghetto Wall, once part of the city's defensive walls built in 1180, it later became one of the walls that surrounded the Jewish Ghetto (1462-1800)

- Klein Markt Halle (little market hall), a tour favorite, this is a wonderful produce hall filled with fruits, vegetables, chocolates, pastries, cheeses, breads, meats, fish, and delicacies from around the world (closed on Sundays and holidays)

- The Bull and the Bear at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

- The Thurn and Taxis Palace, newly reconstructed and a lovely example of 18th Century Baroque architecture

- Eschenheimer Turm, an original guard tower from the city's outer defensive wall, built early 1400's

- Alte Oper, one of Europe's classic opera houses, once known as the most beautiful ruin in Germany

- The Goethe House, where Frankfurt's' favorite son was born

- Paulskirche, the location of Germany's very first democratically elected parliament in 1848

There are Farmers Markets in downtown Frankfurt on Thur. Fri. & Sat. as well smaller ones on the Kaiser str. by the train station on Tues. and Thur.
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May 28th, 2015, 06:04 PM
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Thanks so much to both of you for your input. We will be in Frankfurt prior to the trade fair you mentioned--actually arriving the morning of June 12 and departing the morning of June 14. We decided we'd prefer to stay downtown so we followed up and made reservations at one of the hotels you suggested. We really appreciate the thorough list of sites to see; there's so much on that list we'd like to do! We'll definitely be busy during our short stay. Thanks again very, very much.
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