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For those of us that want to go independent to Europe, what do I do first?? My travel agent tells me to wait....


For those of us that want to go independent to Europe, what do I do first?? My travel agent tells me to wait....

Old Aug 30th, 2001, 11:24 PM
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at 1220 on the left coast, Orbitz is showing $882 going into venice and out of paris. you can check train schedules at www.fs-on-line.com.
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 04:25 AM
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Most consolidator tickets DO earn frequent flyer miles these days. Otherwise, good advice so far.
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 06:08 AM
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I agree with Bingo about the train from Venice to Paris. Instead of sleeping at your hotel on your last day there, take an overnight sleeper to Paris. Considering the higher hotel rates in Venice, coupled with the fact you will be able to spend all day in Paris when you arrive,instead of a half day. The extra $100 or so spent for the overnight train is well worth it when you consider the decrease in airline fare as mentioned above by a poster.
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 06:27 AM
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Contrary to Rex's statement about open jaws, my airline told me stop overs are not allowed on open jaw tickets. Stopovers are allowed only if the destination and exit city are the same. Example: Leave for Paris from Dallas and return from Paris to Dallas with a stopover in Chicago.
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 10:14 AM
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I don't know about special fares for stopovers (I thought you were either allowed to stay in a place free up to about 24 hrs during a connection or it was just a new ticket), but I've done several itineraries similar like this with no fancy language, they are just three flight segments, that's all, flying into one city, returning from another, with a short intraEuropean flight in-between. I've done them all on Air France and they were priced fairly and simply--the major segments are simply priced at half the normal RT fare, and the addon for a short flight within Europe is usually about $100-$200 ($100 within France). Those addon segments are usually cheaper purchased that way than as if that were a completely separate purchase. AF has very good fares in my experience, both from US to France and within Europe. Personally, I would just fly from Venice to Paris to save time unless it were an especially scenic route; it may even be cheaper to fly than the overnight train. I think some people are using the term double open jaw to mean the same thing as just "open jaw"--flying into one city and back from another. Whatever you call it, you are going to pay extra for the short separate flight in the middle, but the other fares should not be priced at anything other than half the APEX RT fare for the appropriate city.
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 03:37 PM
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I agree that a "stopover" may not be allowed and still get an "open jaw" fare (in the sense of a hybrid of the best RT fares involving the two cities).

But CArla's itinerary simply isn't an open jaw ("regular, "double" or other wise) - - it is a simple DFW-VCE roundtrip - - with a stopover in Paris.

The two terms are really quite different. An open jaw - - with a (not -allowed) stopover - - at least not at the lowest fare - - would be

DFW to VCE (whether it connects through CDG or not)


stay a few days



There IS a distinction between a stay of 24 hours or less (sometimes called a "free stopover" - - because it essentially does not count in calculating the fare) and one of several days. The latter is called a stopover if it represents a place you would have transferred or connected anyway - - but you decide to interrupt the itinerary and "stop over" in this city.

Since an open jaw (DFW-VCE, DCG-DFW) can apparently be had for under $900, the next best way to complete this itinerary might be to fly via London or Brussels on www.ryanair.com or www.virgin-express.com to get to Paris (might require a train connector from Brussels).
Old Aug 31st, 2001, 05:08 PM
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i just booked roundtrip LAX - CDG - VCE
for US 975. departing in two weeks with cheap tickets. still considered high season by industry.

check venicehotel.com for accommodation. most hotels have e-mail to check for availablility/information

in paris check hotel raspail in montparnesse area. clean, AC, accomodating management, metro across street. good value. check parishotel.com as well

you sound like you are making yourself crazy... this is suppose to/can be fun.. part of the fun is in the planning and you have lots of time.


Old Sep 1st, 2001, 11:19 AM
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You might also want to ask you TA to try it this way: rdtrp-DFW to Paris and a seperate tkt between venice and paris rdtrp- and see if this comes up cheaper.
Consolidators won't have their prices yet for next June until Dec.or Jan.
A fun way to travel would be an overnight train from Venice to Paris---and if you have the bucks,you could do the Orient Express for Venice to Paris..esp.since it's your honeymoon.
Der is a fine booking service,but also ask your agent to look into Travel Bound for their hotels--I would definitely book my hotel NOW if you want to stay in the Pensione Accademia,as pensiones always get booked up early--What the others have about cancalling is partially true-
IF YOU BOOK thru a booking service,they will charge you a cancellation fee (because of having to confirm your hotel in the first place by phone or telex-and that has a charge)--Even if you book online by yourself,MAKE SURE YOU ASK THE CANCELLATION POLICY and GET IT IN WRITING VIA A FAX DIRECT FROM WHO YOU ARE BOOKING WITH--
This is your honeymoon-why not let the agent do the hard work and you take care of the wedding--You shouldn't need the added stress of doing all these details--just tell her what you want and what you want to spend-and let her work for you.

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