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gwen May 9th, 2000 05:29 AM

Fodor's Hotel index
I was wondering how often your Hotel index on this web site is updated? Are new locations added regularly or others deleted because of reports? <BR>Thanks

Margot May 9th, 2000 05:35 AM

<BR>Gwen, <BR>I don't know how often the hotel index is updated, but I can give you an idea. <BR>I own a seven house hotel in Mexico. About eight months ago, just out of curiosity, I looked for my hotel under the index. To my astonishment, everything was wrong. I contacted Fodor's right away, and have contacted them every month since. They have told me they'd get right on it, and to this day, have not changed it. I would not trust this index very much. <BR>Margot

May May 9th, 2000 06:46 AM

Fodor's comments on this??

Bob Brown May 9th, 2000 02:22 PM

Every once in a while we get something out of Fodors commenting on forum posts. <BR>But I would be surprised is this one draws a response. I sent in a rather blunt letter over the no advertising policy and never got anything back. <BR>I presume that the no advertising policy is violatable at will because I have seen thinly veiled advertisements active for a long time on the forums.

Maira May 9th, 2000 02:28 PM

My two cents; at the luncheon, Natalie mentioned that the Fodor's people are all working "under the gun" as this websiste will be completely revamp with new format, including editing of the travel info. This will be supposedly done by the end of June.

Paul May 9th, 2000 06:32 PM

For what its worth, I was quite shocked to find out that much of the information about the Caribe Hilton Hotel in Puerto Rico was outdated on the FROMMERS website by about 10 years. I can't comment on Fodors but my guess is that these updates may be few and far between. Sometimes, you get exactly what you pay for.

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