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gracejoan3 Jan 10th, 2015 12:16 AM

Fodor's Apology
Today January 10, I received an apology from Fodor's for their delay in addressing the ugly posting we all had to put up with on a thread of mine. They have also deleted the thread as I had asked them to do when it was happening. Just thought I would let you know..if even interested!

a bientot...


kja Jan 10th, 2015 12:35 AM

Thanks for this update, Joan. You must be relieved....

kerouac Jan 10th, 2015 04:31 AM

That's for sure! :-)

chutney Jan 10th, 2015 05:47 AM

Glad they finally addressed the issue.

munich_madl Jan 10th, 2015 06:11 AM

Now I'm curious... missed this.

Anyway, glad that the ugly posting has been taken off. This place has to be kept friendly, that's why I come back again and again - cos I like the 'nice conversations' with fellow travelers.

latedaytraveler Jan 10th, 2015 06:16 AM

Joan, glad the matter has been resolved. No doubt, the crazy poster is jealous of your popularity on this board.

GraceCO Jan 10th, 2015 08:34 AM

Hi Joan, remember me? I'm feeling so very sad for the people of France. Heartbreaking. With all the tragedy & turmoil in Paris, I thought immediately of you, knowing you visit often and might be there now. Hope you are well. Wishing you safe travels.

gracejoan3 Jan 10th, 2015 08:55 AM


Yes, from Colorado! I am in Paris now for about 2 months. Arrived just before Christmas and have been busy, busy. Some great, great places for fine meals..some new ones and the many, many fond old ones! No end to it.

All is well in Paris. Nothing seems to have shown in any way in this area of Paris.

Tomorrow there will be a lot of things going on and best probably not to be thinking of going far and have transportation problems. I will be in my area and see what is going on..

a bientot...


GraceCO Jan 10th, 2015 09:20 AM

Joan, so glad to hear all is well with you in Paris and you are carrying on! Good for you! Thought you might be there;) I read in the NY Times that our Embassy issued a warning to US citizens in France to be especially "observant" and mindful of their passports. I guess that's good advice at any time in any country.

I hope you're doing your daily report, so I can live vicariously and sneak a peek at your itinerary and see photos of the amazing meals. I miss Paris <3. Enjoy, and please stay safe...

a bientot...

KTtravel Jan 10th, 2015 10:24 AM

I am glad you are enjoying your stay, gracejoan.

vanne Jan 10th, 2015 01:05 PM

Gracejoan, I am glad they addressed this finally; it went on way too long considering how many of us flagged it. The poster was cruel and juvenile (or maybe I should say infantile). There are often people with opposing views and things sometime get catty, but this was very different and definitely should have been stopped immediately. I had a trip report where one post was deleted; I never saw it, so it must have been deleted within a few hours, so I was really surprised that this took so long.

Along with many others, I've enjoyed your posts and hope you will continue, but if not, I wish you happy travels!

ParisAmsterdam Jan 10th, 2015 08:05 PM

I hope you will consider restarting a new thread... :^)

dlejhunt Jan 10th, 2015 08:30 PM

Joan - I love your reports and am sorry that you were taken advantage of by that troll. It's especially distressing as wonderful Kerouac was taken advantage of, too.

I will add that I am glad that you are in Paris and that you are, I am sure, supporting your French friends as they come to terms with the attacks this week. I am hoping to hear more of your trip and to read more of your observations of la vie quotidienne de Paris and of our beloved 7eme arrondissement.


cynthia_booker Jan 10th, 2015 08:49 PM

Thanks for the update, Joan. Good to know it was (finally) deleted.
Take care and, as always, enjoy your visit to the city we love.

NewbE Jan 12th, 2015 10:57 AM

I think it's good that that thread was deleted, but I wish to interject that insults from a stranger on an anonymous message board should not have the power to upset you. Report it, of course, because it violates this site's terms of use, but do not engage with the poster, as many of you did, because it only encourages them. Learn to ignore this type of person. They are the Internet equivalent of a crazy person shouting on a street corner, and deserve about as much attention and energy.

Glad that poster is gone, though...

gracejoan3 Jan 12th, 2015 11:00 AM

I have to to ignore them!

travelchat Jan 12th, 2015 03:55 PM

Glad to see results from Fodor - finally. I wonder at the delayed response. Agree that crazies should be ignored but quickly deleted by alert editing staff. I have enjoyed your reports and sorry this unpleasant episode was so troubling for you.

Words cannot express my sadness at the events in Paris.

flpab Jan 12th, 2015 04:10 PM

oh my, here we go again. We just had a thread on another forum concerning the yellow triangle and freedom of speech and last count 11 or 12 post had been triangle. I would suggest that Newbe is correct because the same poster is back and under a new name. I would just ignore and move on. Nice that you got your apology Joan.

starrs Jan 13th, 2015 12:42 PM

Glad you received an apology! :-)

CopperandJade Jan 13th, 2015 01:59 PM

Great that you are posting again Joan. You are in Paris in
a historical time. I hope that you will share your trip if you have time. Forget insignificant and snide criticism…Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! 
(one look at the profile of kissmekate says it all)

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