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Monica Sep 6th, 2000 06:01 PM

Fodorites get together in Paris in October!
Dear Fodorites, <BR> <BR>I had posted back in early August an "advertisement" for a fodorites get together in Paris in October. Seems that Fodors ate my message. Can't seem to bring it to the top! <BR> <BR>Anyway, my friend Judy and I are planning to arrive in Paris the 15th of October and stay until about the 23rd. I have two people (with their significant others) who have stated they are interested in getting together with us while in Paris. Joy is one, who I met at the first fodorites get together May 1999. <BR> <BR>I'm proposing the 18th of October (Wednesday) for drinks (maybe dinner too) around 6pm. Is there any others available at that time? I would love to hear from you! <BR> <BR>We'll be staying on the Left Bank, so I will choose a place in the 5th or 6th Arr. Suggestions appreciated! <BR> <BR>Email me here or directly if you can join us! <BR> <BR>Monica

Sandy Sep 21st, 2000 05:40 PM

Awesome web site! I'm new to this fodors travel forum and new to traveling to Europe. I may be in France in October, but have to schedule my leave with the boss. I'd love to meet others from this travel web site, so if you have made any final plans, please let me know. I'll see if I can meet you while in Paris! S.

Monica Sep 22nd, 2000 02:07 PM

Sandy, I'm meeting Joy on the 19th at 6pm at my hotel. I hope to hear from others. My trip is coming up pretty quickly and am ready to go! There will be another couple as well, but I'm finalizing plans with them. Will let you know this weekend.

geo Sep 22nd, 2000 06:12 PM

I'M IN LAUSANNE OCT 12 -15th, TGV TO Paris the 15th-staying in the 6th on rue Jacob-the 18 Oct sounds good-please advise.

Monica Sep 23rd, 2000 05:04 PM

Hello George, <BR> <BR>I'll email you tonight with the details. <BR> <BR>Monica

Monica Sep 25th, 2000 03:44 AM

This is for the 19th of October.

topper Oct 5th, 2000 06:49 AM


joseph cameron Oct 5th, 2000 09:51 AM

Hello, Monica - when you guys meet, give a silent toast to all of us who would love to be in the city of lights celebrating with you. Have a wonderful time. Ciao from D.C.

Kathy Oct 5th, 2000 01:15 PM

Hi Monica <BR>Wish I were going with you, that is THE best city ever IMO. I've misplaced your website address and want to read about your recent trip to Germany agin - where we'll go next year again. Have fun and hope the weather is fantastic for you. Enjoy!

kk Oct 5th, 2000 05:01 PM

Monica, bon voyage, and we will all look forward to your web-posted photos upon your return. Wish I could join you in gay Paree on Oct. 15. Cheers from Houston.

topper Oct 6th, 2000 06:58 AM


jc Oct 6th, 2000 08:43 AM

Topper = idiot.

Monica Oct 6th, 2000 04:15 PM

Hello to Joseph, Kathy, and KK! I'm really looking forward to my trip to Paris next week! I can't wait!!! Kathy, I was wondering if you would be in Paris! My web site (a new one) is I still have the old one up because I have not had time to re-do my photos on the new web site. This new web site is a lot faster to load. <BR> <BR>Thanks for everyone's well wishes. I'll have to post a review of the fodorites get together (19th) in Paris. And I'll have a glass or bottle of wine and think of all of you!

Monica Oct 10th, 2000 03:08 AM

Four more days! Any one else available?

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