Flying in early pregnancy?

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Flying in early pregnancy?

Hi All

I have just discovered that I am 5 weeks pregnant and we are due to leave for Italy on the 25th May for a 7 day hliday ! This was to be our ' last holiday before we get pregnant' but fate had other ideas!!! obviously we are delighted but never expected it to happen so quicly and I am now having second thoughts about flying

I have read conflicting report abut flying early in pregnancy and I am also a little concerned about the tiredness factor etc when Rome especially is go go go for the 3 days ( Florence and Venice should be more relaxing)and the thoughts of carrying bags etc

I know this may sound a bit over protective but its my first pregnancy , its too early to seek advice from family / friends that have babies etc as we haven't told anyone yet as its so early!

You experice / advice is welcome!

Thank you

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Well, I don't have any advice - that should be between you, your husband, and your doctor, but I do have plenty of experience. I flew to Europe three times during my first pregnancy, once at about 6 weeks, once at about 4 months, and once in my 8th month (horrors!). Had a ball every time. Repeated pretty much the same in my second pregnancy.

My grown kids are now inveterate travelers. I think it helps to get them started in utero.
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As with all things pregnancy-related, you should definitely discuss with your doctor, but as far as I know flying should be perfectly safe early in the pregnancy unless you have particular risk factors. The tiredness may well be a factor though - I was beyond exhausted most of my first trimester, as are many women. But if you know this going in and set your expectations accordingly, I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip! Enjoy the ease of traveling while you still can
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I'm pregnant (12 weeks) and have been flying since I found out. - No problem.

Indeed, it may prove less of a problem tahn usual as you will be tired and you will sleep on the plane.

Just keep the fluid intake up and sit near a toilet.
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Thank you for your help - Obviously we will discuss this with our doctor but we don't get an appointment to see her until next week and I just wanted to get a feeling for other people's practical experience

I guess there are pro and cons

Just thought I'd ask the question

Thank you

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As for the fatigue factor---for me, it was more like overwhelming sleepiness and need to take an afternoon nap. Not physical fatigue. So you may just need to factor a nap into your day's plans. And it might not even start until a bit later.
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Congratulations! (and you too, Lawchick).

I've flown extensively, long-haul included for both of my pregnancies. Most importantly, double-check with your OB-GYN though I believe you should be OK so long as there are no high risks involved.
How you would feel would be entirely personal. Fatigueness and morning sickness are two common factors that may affect how you enjoy the travel. I was very lucky and no morning sickness throughout and fatigueness coming only in the last trimester. Definitely take lots of liquid, make sure you bring the vitamins/folic acid with you, and slowdown a bit if your body tells you so.
I must confess I did drink a bit, and ate things many books tells you shouldn't (soft cheese, raw fish).

The only scary bit with my first pregnancy was spotting a bit of blood during a weekend in Brussels. Turned out ok (and something quite common), but it did scare me a bit. I might say I would have felt better if I could talk with OB-GYN or someone locally, just to be safe.
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Obviously the only one to give you a realiable answer is your MD.

Generally it is absolutely fine - except for 2 potential problems:

Many women are absolutely exhaused in the first trimester

Morning sickness - which usually hits early, but you can never tell - definitely bring remedies for it. (I have one friend who for 7 weeks would not leave the house in the AM until she had vomited - after that she was OK for the day)
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I agree with the other responses. Flying is fine. The exhaustion and morning sickness of the first trimester might be the hardest things to deal with.

The image in my head right now is of my husband and I househunting in London in my first trimester of my first pregnancy. I envisioned long dinners out and the theatre every night after spending the day looking at flats. Yeah. Didn't happen. Room service and early to bed.
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Morning sickness hit me terribly hard. I would vomit at least 20 times a day so eating/smelling food became a huge issue for me. Very difficult when walking past restaurants and vendors. My husband had to eat without me. I also was very ill on the flights - a doctor had to be paged and all. After throwing up so many times on the plane I was very weak and I had to be rehydrated at a hospital. The first thing we looked for at every single place was a washroom so I knew where to run when I needed to. It was frankly quite awful.

The air sickness bags we took along were extremely handy throughout the trip - I used a lot of them, embarassingly enough on downtown streets in Europe.

Just be very, very cautious. Most people, it seems, have no problems but I just wanted to remind you that they can occur!
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We went to Hawaii when I was pregnant, but didn't know it. I was a bit tired, but otherwise the only thing I noticed different was that I absolutely couldn't drink at all--no wine, no mai tais, etc. But check with your ob/gyn to make sure, but I wouldn't think it would be a problem.
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I agree with what the others said about contacting your doctor. I went to Spain at the same stage in my pregnancy last year (weeks 7 and 8) and felt the same way - we had booked the trip before I knew and the doctor wouldn't see me before I went.

Even though you probably haven't even been in to see the OB yet, you can still call and talk to the doctor or one of the nurses to get some advice.

I chose to go on my trip and didn't have any problems. I was really tired and took a nap every afternoon. It worked in fine with our travel plans. My husband would nap too or he'd go do something I didn't want to do. I found being in a new place so exciting that I didn't mind the regular tiredness I was feeling at home. but I really did need my afternoon nap!

was somewhat queasy during those two weeks (murphys law I guess, I wasn't nauseaus at all the rest of the pregnancy). I actually brought a huge box of saltines with me and a bunch of ziplock bags and walked around munching on them all day. I am sure I could have found the same type of crackers in Spain but it made me feel better to bring them.

Overall, had a great time and was glad I went.
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I am impressed! I also travelled while pregnant but your experience is even richer.


I went to Italy while I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant. We stayed there 12 days and were walking all the time. We visited three cities, used buses, trains, vaporettos and everything was fine. I couldn't enjoy the food as much as I would like to because I couldn't have wine and had a little bit of morning sickness but it was great, overall.

During the sixth month of the same pregnancy I had my second trip to Europe, to Barcelona, and this time I wasn't even with my husband. Again, it was fine.

I saw an American woman who looked about 7-8 months pregnant in Italy a couple of years ago, and she was on a cruise! They had been to Greece already and Genoa was the last stop. She said it was wonderful.

Of course, it also depends on how you are feeling but I don't think flying on an airplane is going to hurt you. You shouldn't be feeling heavy this early in pregnancy and walking is good for you. Just practice moderation.
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