Florence or Rome? Sollo travel.

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Florence or Rome? Sollo travel.

How interesting is this forum. I am learning a lot about Italy here. I am planning a trip to Italy, next october, to take an italian course. I have no knowledge of the language, and I will be travelling by myself. I am thinking about two weeks in Florence, and the last one in Rome - but I am afraid I am going to feel lost (& unsafe) in Rome. Should I stay in Florence all the time?
Thanks for the help!
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Florence is two days max. Its noisey crowded and feels anxouis. Rome is on the other hand comfertable with its self and has alot to see at a relaxed pace. Me and my wife were in Italy in May and we both felt safer in Rome.
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i have to disagree. i was pickpocketed in rome just a couple of weeks ago and i saw several people harassed by gypsies. we have restaurants who "added" things to our bill and things were taken out of our hotel room in rome (at the excelsior, supposedly one of the best)---had to be the staff. i did not stay overnight in florence but i liked florence better than rome. not to say there aren't things you want to see and do in rome. but my next trip to italy will not include staying in rome more than a day or two at the most--possibly not staying there at all.

having said all of that, sounds like you are talking about three weeks. florence is a small town. i don't think you can spend more than three days just in florence but i think there is lots to see in some surrounding towns--but you probably need a car. rome of course is much larger and you can probably spend 4, possibly 5 days there assuming you've never seen any of the sights there.
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On my first trip to Italy I was by myself part of the time. Florence is art and museum heaven, and is easy to get around in, almost all of it is walkable, particularly the primary museums and sightseeing places.
If art interests you, most of the museums of Florence could be seen in 3-4 days, depending on your interests and stamina. You should also plan some time for nearby Siena (easily doable by train, or even more easily by bus) which is truly a wonder, not to mention the Tuscan countryside and towns.
That said, with the luxury of time that you have, by all means spend a week in Rome. It is a large bustling place, and you need to exercise the same caution you would in any large city I'm sure, but in this day and age I don't think you should skip anyplace just because it is a little intimidating. People can have unlucky experiences with crime almost anywhere, even at home. Have a good map, and just keep your wits and your wallet about you.
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Shirlene -

I went to Italy twice last year, solo both times. (I am an art lover, and cannot get enough of the beautiful frescos that are everywhere in Italy.) Florence is one of my favorite cities in the world; I spent 4 days on my first trip, and loved it so much that I decided to base myself there for two weeks on my second. Yes, you can see the major sights in 3-4 days, but you need at least a few more to wander the Oltrarno and soak in the local atmosphere! You can walk everywhere, and it is easy to visit Lucca, Siena, Orvieto and other lovely hilltowns as daytrips from Florence, via bus or train. I enjoyed Rome very much and felt perfectly safe, but found it hectic and rather exhausting. You should definitely see it while you're in Italy though, so I think your plan of two weeks in Florence and one in Rome sounds ideal.
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Thank you all for the help - as I can see I am not the only woman travelling alone in the world! I am going to stay in Florence for two weeks (week end in Venice and second week around the hills and Siena) and Rome in the last one. Sounds a good plan for an art lover - me too Leslie!

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