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Adam Dec 28th, 1999 08:14 AM

I am making a trip to Rome for 1 week in March. While I am there is it worth it to make a Day Trip to Florence? And what is the weather like in March in Florence?

Rex Dec 28th, 1999 08:46 AM

Very worthwhile - - despite the distance - - thanks to high speed train - - only 1 hr 40 minutes. I have spent that long trying to figure out where to park a car on the outskirts of Florence, and take a bus into the center! <BR> <BR>From - - avg high 58, avg low 41 (both Fahrenheit); avg rainfall 2.7 inches; (low is July - 1.3, high is November 4.1)

Bob Dec 29th, 1999 06:18 PM

Florence is an outstanding city and well worth seeing, as is Rome. Your problem is time. Not enough to do justice to Rome and then trying to throw in a train ride to Florence. The two big sites in Florence, the David at the Accademia and the Uffizi, usually have lines out front. You can book reservations on the internet, but they both take time to see and enjoy. Bottom line: With only one week you should concentrate on seeing as much of Rome as possible and not waste your time in a train. Do Florence on another trip. Weather? Who can tell?

Linda Dec 30th, 1999 09:16 PM

Florence is a beautiful city. "The David" by Michaelangelo is worth the trip; but you have Vivoli's gelato, the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Pitti Palace, shopping, Fiesole, musuems, Robert & Elizabeth Browning's home, etc.

Carol Dec 31st, 1999 07:10 AM

Hi Adam: <BR> <BR>It is very much worth it to do a day trip to Florence. Just plan on what you want to see there and make advance reservations where you can. It's a small city and you can walk to all the major sites very easily.

Dona Dec 31st, 1999 07:22 AM

I agree - it is a push to see both. But if you're not sure you will be returning to Italy, then perhaps you should attempt to squeeze it a bit and at least take a quick look at Florence (those words get stuck in my throat!! lol) <BR>Be sure to make areservations for the Uffizzi and the Accademia in advance (and remember to take your reservation information with you - and not leave it on the kitchen table like I did!) <BR> <BR> I admit that I prefer to stay a considerable time in the large cities - there are just so many wonderful things to do and see - but on my first trip I did the proverbial "Cook's Tour" myself. <BR> <BR>You can't go wrong doing whatever you decide in Italy... <BR> <BR>Dona

Patrick Dec 31st, 1999 08:27 AM

So who can tell me how to make the reservation at the Accademia and Uffizi? I just did a search and only come up with this same thread.

chuck Dec 31st, 1999 08:38 AM

a friend and myself just got back from florence and rome. (dec 6th). i would reccomend at least 2 days in florence and the rest in rome. you cant see it all no matter what you do.

Dona Dec 31st, 1999 09:26 AM

Patrick, <BR> <BR>The following is a reprint of a previous message. FYI - just search on Uffizi, etc. and many previous postings will come up. (That's whay I did...) <BR> <BR> <BR>Author: elaine ([email protected]) <BR> Date: 10/21/1999, 8:18 am ET <BR> <BR> Message: <BR> Hi Tim <BR> <BR> Here are websites on the museum pass and on just Louvre tickets. The <BR> museum pass site explains which sites it is good for. I've also included sites <BR> regarding <BR> advance museum tickets in Florence. <BR> <BR> museum pass <BR> Louvre tickets <BR> Louvre tickets <BR> The Louvre web site <BR> <BR> <BR> museums all over Italy <BR> <BR> There is no requirement to order tickets in advance by paying a service <BR> charge. You can call the reservation office at the Uffizi; their number is 39 <BR> (0)55-294883. They will ask you what day and time you want and will give you <BR> <BR> a reservation number which you must have when you claim your ticket at the <BR> museum. It doesn't cost anything extra (except of course for the phone call). <BR> They speak English. <BR> <BR> website for buying advance tickets to museums in Florence: <BR> <BR> <BR> Uffizi web site <BR> Florence museums <BR> <BR> <BR> If you would like my trip notes on Paris or Florence, feel free to email me. <BR> Congratulations.

David Dec 31st, 1999 06:51 PM

If you are making Florence a day trip I would suggest skipping the Uffizi but would make DAVID a must. If you spend time in the Vatican musuem you can skip the Uffizi if you are there for only a day (IMHO). Spend time walking around and taking in the sights of the city. If you take a late train back you can save valuable "touring" time.

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