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Jenny Jun 8th, 2001 07:22 PM

Flight delay
If you've already purchased your train ticket on-line & your flight arrives late, can you use that ticket on a later train or do you have to buy another?

guy Jun 8th, 2001 08:21 PM

I am not certain I am correct in all cases..but I am quite certain that a train ticket is a train ticket and can be used on any scheduled train departure..You should not have to purchase another ticket.

Rex Jun 8th, 2001 08:23 PM

I don't know if a generic answer can be accurate, as we're left guessing what country you mean - - but in general, I think that the answer is yes, you can still (re-)use the unused ticket. <BR> <BR>But if you bought a seat reservation ahead of time (like, from - - for example), I think that the (modest) fee you paid for that is money down the drain. I'm not sure if you bought it directly from the rail company in that country from their online service - - which may be what you are asking about. but I bet you lose that money too. After all, the "seat" went on without you - - they couldn't re-sell it. It's not like a plane, with check-in - - and standby passengers getting seated if you're not there. They don't ever specifically know that/if you are a "show" or "no-show". <BR> <BR>A ticket gets you from point A to point B and is good anytime (in the countries that I know a little something about), a seat reservation is for a specific train on a specific date/time. It's not how air travel is sold, and as such is a concept that Americans are often unfamiliar with. <BR> <BR>Best wishes, <BR> <BR>Rex <BR>

Jenny Jun 8th, 2001 08:33 PM

Rex, It's a first class ticket on Eurostar from Rome to Florence @ 81,000 Lira. <BR> <BR>Jenny

Miriam Jun 8th, 2001 08:34 PM

Hello Jenny, <BR> <BR>Rex is correct. At least in Germany, if you have a valid ticket for an ICE, f.e., you are able to use it as long as 3 days later(I did that). However your prepaid seat reservation is gone and they don`t care why you missed the train. But you can always make a new reservation for a couple of bucks or just take a seat in the dining car, that`s what I always do. <BR> <BR>Miriam

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