First trip to Italy- Where to go?

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First trip to Italy- Where to go?

I am just starting to plan a trip to Italy in January with my mother and brother. We are trying to decide which cities and areas to visit. We love adventure and have discussed Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany. Any recommendations as to where we should be based and what not to miss? This is a first time to Italy for all. We have about 10 days for the whole trip.

Thank you for your help. I really want this to be a special trip for my mom as she doesn't get to travel that often.
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Venice is a must, Rome is beautiful and fun, amalfi coast is amazing...Italian riviera is also nice.. email me if you want more info... I live in italy
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I'm sure every area of Italy is worth seeing, but I must tell you that Florence and Venice are two of the most spectacular cities on the planet. I was there in February and spent about a week in each city - every nook and cranny was breathtaking and the people (especially in Florence) were wonderful!
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Amy: The list would be much shorter if you asked where NOT to go!
Italy IS beautiful from the North to the South.
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For your consideration - -

A number of "Fodorites" (people who visit this forum regularly, or maybe just occasionally) and friends are planning a fall trip to Italy. No details are set yet. Chances are it will be for about 12 days, with options to stay fewer or more days, on your own or with other participants on the trip. Departure will most likely be between September 15 and October 15, and (connections from) almost any city in North America can be accommodated in the air travel plans.

The possibility of a villa stay is being actively investigated. The trip will be strictly non-profit for all involved in the trip, planning or participating.

More information will be posted here on this board as it becomes possible. Please feel free to let me know if you would like to be on an e-mail list to receive more information, even in preliminary stages, before it is posted here.


I don't know how firm you are on a January trip. Although January would ordinarily be a very economical time of year, I think "our" trip will be very similar in cost to winter, because of certain group savings. and the weather is glorious in early fall, with days so much longer!

Best wishes,

Rex Bickers
Westerville, Ohio
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This site is AMAZING! Thank you all for your insight!

I know I am being a bit ambiguous but I am just starting to plan and so I am open to any recommendations.

Rex, I actually wish that I could be more flexible with the time however I will be finishing up my graduate studies until about mid-December. I have heard that January is the most economical time to go but I actually chose that time because that is also when we are all free. I just hope that the weather is not too much of an issue. One more thing I need to investigate.

Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate your suggestions.
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Patti Suttle
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Amy-it sure can be overwhelming when you begin to plan a trip-but fun too!
Of your choices I would start in Rome-with dramatic places like the Colossium,
The Vatican, The Forum, and The Trevi Fountain-just to mention a few-you will be enthralled! But, I have to say that when you first see Venice its spectacular! And such a fun area, so different than anything else and interesting too. I have not been to the Amalfit Coast yet so cannot advise.
But, I'd go for Venice first then Rome.
You will love Italy no matter where you start! Have a wonderful trip!
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Congratulations - - and best of luck with this milestone in your education.

Inquiries and interest about the fall trip to Italy keep pouring in. The "mailing list" is up to 17 (counting me - - and my wife, who might or might not go). At this rate, I could be ready to plan a January trip too!

But I am not proposing to butt in or "take over" the trip you have in mind with your mother and brother. If you (or anyone else) want to simply "follow along" the trip planning for "our" fall trip just write me and let me know. "Lurkers" are welcome on the mailing list as much as prospective participants. It is fascinating (to me at least) to see how this is starting to really take shape!

I hope to be able to give more details soon (I leave May 2 on a different trip to Italy) - - leading scenarios are for departure Sep 19 (from any city served by Northwest Airlines) to Nice (via Amsterdam) at about 25% less than current published fares; after two days in the south of France, the trip would move to a villa rental in the area of Lake Garda for Sep 22-29. Various ideas are under review for the balance of the trip. There is no requirement that everyone stay together for the return from Europe.

Just a reminder: this trip is totally non-commercial non-profit with no financial gain or advantage for any participant (planning or traveling), including myself. All costs will be "on the table" and "open book" and divided equally. I am hoping for a "policy" of no "single supplement" (or minimal, to the extent that _hotel_ lodging occurs on nights 1,2 or after night 9).
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I just discovered this site. Unfortunately, too late for my first trip to Italy March 23-31. The great tips posted here would have been helpful. I stayed in Florence the whole week but it just wasn't enough time. Took the train to Siena for a day trip. I highly recommend it. As many others have said, Florence is spectacular. The people were great. Can't wait to go back!

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