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Leslie Apr 24th, 2000 02:35 PM

First Trip to Italy-Many Questions
Planning 10 day trip in Sept/Oct starting in Rome. How is the weather then? Can't decide if we should head North to Florence & Venice or South to Positano/Amalfi coast? What is the best way to reach these destinations and approx. distances from Rome? Would appreciate any and all suggestions on must-sees, great (reasonable) hotels and most importantly: How to budget our time wisely to make for a memorable and relaxing trip!

Walter Apr 24th, 2000 03:20 PM

Hi Leslie: In deciding whether to go North or South I wouldn't worry about the distances. By the ES (fast non-stop) train from Rome you can be in Florence in 1:35 and Rome-Venice in 4:21. <BR>You could be in Sorrento from Rome in ~3:30 (with a change of trains in Naples) and then bus to Positano or Amalfi (I don't know journey time). HTH Regards, Walter <BR>

Lesli Apr 24th, 2000 03:53 PM

Which direction to head from Rome really depends on what kind of things you want to see and do most. Florence and Venice are medium-sized cities, filled with beautiful architecture. The former is an absolute feast of Renaissance art. The Amalfi coast is gorgeous, and perhaps more relaxing, but will likely be less of a cultural experience. <BR> <BR>Only you can decide what sounds most appealing. My personal opinion would be to head North on this trip, because I cannot imagine going to Italy and not going to Florence (but then, it is my favorite city!) You could stop for a day in the Cinque Terre to see a coastal village or two and relax a bit.

Carol Apr 25th, 2000 06:58 AM

The weather is so beautiful at that time of year that it's still high season in Italy. I also think that you should concentrate on the major cities of Rome, Florence and Venice for a 10-day trip. Do your 10 days include your day of arrival and day of departure? If so, I'd plan to arrive in Rome and depart from Venice, spending 4 days in Rome and 3 each in Florence and Venice.

Leslie Apr 25th, 2000 04:25 PM

Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions! I am sure you'll see more questions from me in the near future - as my planning progresses.

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