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Yes, it all begain with tis statement from Patrick which wasn't asked for, at all

<< In your case and with one month, I'd get a one month Eurrail pass and use it. >>

A purchase of $1228, for two people, or of course, more if the "we" referred to more than two.
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First, I would recommend you to think a little bit what do you want to do. Do you pretend to see as-much-as-you-can in Europe or you pretend to enjoy your trip? And second, please give me an advise on what to see/eat in Asia in a two weeks tour.
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Let me get this straight. Some college girl posts a question about having a month in Europe, listing a whole bunch of countries, without mentioning that it is really in London and she has only a couple of days each weekend to go off somewhere else. She never mentions this important fact in the original post, and never tells us it is a whole group. Now the people who took time to answer are blaming each other for not thinking out their answers better? And for offering advice that wasn't asked for? What a bunch of losers! This girl should be chased away for doing such a stupid post which didn't begin to explain what she really wants to know.
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margievill gets to register, and gets to stay.

xxx will crawl back in a hole, and we will all be the better for it.
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kindly, susan
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Margievill... Thanks for coming back & hanging in with what has to be one of the most off-topic posts ever!! But along those lines & I can't resist saying~ I have never rented a car in Europe because I most often travel single (female, 40's) prefer urban destinations and the trains work out just great.

For your long weekends I would suggest the chunnel to Paris as a must-do!!

Another fun one would be a flight to Amsterdam (only takes about 15 mins.). Look into the cheap airlines that are available within Europe.
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But she is clearly not traveling solo. Even for a getaway to northern regions of England or Scotland for a long weekend, a three-day car rental would be much cheaper than the train, traveling three to a car.

No to mention the hugely greater flexibility.

And yes, 21 year-olds can rent in the UK from

Automatics too.
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i am sorry that i have caused so much confusion and that i have 'wasted' so many people's time. i honestly did not mean to do that. however, i am a college student, i have never been overseas, and i wanted some general information that i could disseminate amongst my classmates. i did not mean any offense. since this was my first time at this site, i did not know how specific i needed to be, and i apologize. i honestly did not expect this much response or heated debate. i really do appreciate all the information that you have given me, and i plan to share all of it with my classmates so we can decide. in addition, none of your suggestions were wasted, because i do plan to return to europe in the future sometime (after the class).
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Any one
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Any one who suggested that you owed us an apology, owes YOU an apology.

I hope you'lll continue to come back here, registering and asking additional questions as your trip approaches.
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Margie, you have shown more class than anyone else on this forum! Go and have a wonderful time! One weekend in Paris, one in Amsterdam, one in Scotland, and one where your teacher thinks you should go!
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Hi Margievill...

My advice is to bring a good western europe guidebook (which will encompass all the countries you've mentioned) and just bring it on over to Europe. I've met lots of college kids like you so far, and they don't plan too far ahead, which seems to be the fun of it. I keep hearing "where do you wanna go next weekend." They grab their guidebook and go. Sounds like a plan to me.

You can get point to point tickets as you need, or check the internet for cheap fares for countries that are a little further out. From London, I think Paris is a must, and you can get supercheap tickets on Ryan air to Ireland, which is great place to get a Guinness and hear some good music. Both Dublin and Galway have a good college vibe, but I'd vote Galway.

I was just in Bruges for the weekend. The hostel, even in the winter was filled with college weekend trippers. I can recommend Charlie Rockets hostel, although the Bauhaus is known as party central. Bruges is good fun, but in the summer, try to book in advance. It's 3ish hours from Paris by train, so I'm sure doable from London by train.

I'm doing the backpack circuitnow myself, and envy the energy you college kids have (I'm 30). Should you have any questions, do feel free to email me. has great message boards for hosteling, country recommendations from the young and young at heart.

Have a great time.
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I remember traveling as a twenty-something (unlike that dinosaur Rex) and one of the chief attractions is meeting people your own age. This is much more likely to happen on a train and train travel is so much more fun than being crammed in a tiny car and swapping driving duties. They are young, they can walk everywhere, there are metros.....who needs the hassle of a car?

You DO have to wonder if the dinosaur is getting some sort of kickback from the car rental agency, or free use of a car for his "tour groups" when he travels as a perk for plugging the rental places here. Who is he to declare what the best/worst choices are? Nothing and nobody, just some wannabe tour guide who has no idea what he's talking about.
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This is the funniest thread I've ever read! Margieville throws out an innocent question and the know-it-alls get into a HUGE fight over what they think the poor girl should do based on their own erronious assumptions! Absolutely hilarious!

Margieville, I hope you have a great month.
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hello again -
i'm sorry i've taken so long to respond, i had problems with registering.
i just wanted to thank you one last time for all the great information you have given me, and tell you that i have informed my classmates of the site - so you can expect more questions from us.
thank you very much, and good luck with your travels.
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