First Time in Italy - Advice Needed

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Stay out of the cities, yes for sure. As I posted on another thread about Italy my son-in-law has had many phone conversations with some of his family members in Rome this last week and every conversation has involved them telling him how very hot and how terribly humid Rome is even now at the end of June. Being from Rome he sure understands.

Personally I would go to somewhere in the Dolomiti when visiting Italy in August. The air is clean and brisk and so enjoyable. Italians that are able to escape to the mountains to avoid the heat and humidity. Btw, congratulations regardng the upcomng birth of your baby, aari.
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Lakes or Dolomites sounds like a good plan. I personally loved Lake Como, and with the ferries buzzing here and there, I think it provides a good mix of sightseeing to the extent you want it, as well as opportunities for just relaxing and soaking in the beauty.

From experience traveling with physical disabilities other than pregnancy, I would note that the choice of room and hotel can be a bit more significant in these in situations. To the extent possible (you will be limited in choice due to the time crunch, I know), I'd suggest that you try to book someplace where either your room, or at least the hotel itself, has a fabulous view that you both can enjoy in the event that your needs to rest (or just cool off) more than usual. Also, don't forget about vacation apartments as an option for accommodation. Good luck and enjoy!
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hi jean,

thanks for posting that link. the area looks fascinating.

trouble is, there is so much of italy to explore, and only one life time to do it in!
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OK, I've read your question & a few responses. For what it's worth, I've been through 4 pregnancy's during some very hot seasons. I also know that the last 2 months can be emotional & fatiquing - with nothing feeling good. Also, my husband & I just visited Venice, Tuscany, & Rome Oct. 2011 to celebrate our 25th anniversary. So here are my thoughts:
1. Preceed with caution if this is month 8 or beyond, for her comfort & well well as yours.
2. I did plenty of research & reading on visiting Italy and August came up as one of the worst times to visit.....see if you can put it in July.
3. If this is your only time, then I would suggest a B&B in Tuscany for 5 days with a rental car. I would suggest Venice for 5 days. I can't speak about Rome; when we were there it was crazy busy & I was always glad to escape away from the city in the evenings. So if August will draw in more tourist, then take your time & make sure your wife is well taken care of - it may be the cause of some frustrating moments you don't want to remember just before the baby is born.
4. Lastly, after writing that last sentence, if it were me, I'd avoid August & go in July when I had a little less belly on me. Her feet & back will have an advantage. Her emotions will have an advantage. And I believe, from my research, July will be a better memory in Italy then August.
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"Based on the suggestions, I think we are going to try to spend about 7-8 days in the Lake Como region mixing exploring and relaxing."

It took me a long time to discover Lake Como but I'm so glad I did. I really love this magical place even though Lombardia is not my favorite region for food. If you go, I'd caution against swimming in the lake. It's officially polluted but the Italian government doesn't post signs. Their is local controversy over the matter but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for resolution. Locals do not swim in the lake. Only tourists do. Most tourists don't know the lake is polluted because the lake doesn't look or smell polluted. The water tends to be crystal clear and deep blue. Very inviting. Many of the ancient towns around the lake do not have sewage systems, which explains the high levels of bacteria in the water. There are some areas of the lake that are safer than others but most are further north of the center. My information comes from the Italian scientist who takes official readings for the government.

Many people who swim in the lake and know it's health status cover up with the proper equipment. This is not my idea of pleasure and enjoyment. For swimming joy, I'd stay at one of the many hotels that offer a pool. The view from many of the pools is spectacular even though the water tends to be very cold.
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I too recommend the lake district. We LOVED Stresa (Hotel La Fontana) and Varenna. We travelled by train, used these towns as our base and took day trips on the ferry. Enjoy.
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