Find Ibis CDG/Take the Péripherique?

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Find Ibis CDG/Take the Péripherique?

Two questions for you Paris experts:

1). I'll be staying at the Ibis CDG for one night after landing at Terminal 2. Directions are unclear; how do I find the hotel? I know to take the CGval shuttle and get off at Roissypole but then...what?

2). The next day I'll be picking up a car at CDG at 11am and driving to Sancerre. Easiest route is to take the péripherique (A3) to the A6 and then the A77, but some say to avoid the péripherique. I know it can be busy but don't mind traffic as I have no arrival deadline that day. It's my first time driving from CDG so easy is good. Am I crazy?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Why would you stay in this area just to pick up a rental car midday the following day?
AND why not go into Paris, take the train to Tours and pick up a car there. You might be in Sancerre by 11 the next day!! Well, not really, but 'way ahead of the game, IMO.
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Périphérique is crazy in the morning and afternoon during rush hour.
There is some traffic during midday for people traveling for lunch, but not a lot. So I'd advise to take periph.
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What Gretchen said. Why on earth are you not just taking a leisurely taxi or RER into Paris on arrival, staying in a hotel there, and then picking up a rental car the following day in Paris if you must or somewhere after a short train ride to someplace less nuts?

As of now your plan involves an overnight stay in a hotel near/at the airport (who wants to do that, and why?), and then picking up a car rental and venturing into périphérique madness the next morning? Why oh why?

<<It's my first time driving from CDG so easy is good.>> Well, there's a first time for everything, but I don't think this will end up being classified as "good" and certainly not as "easy."
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1. The Ibis is part of the Roissypôle complex -- absolutely impossible to miss if you take the CDGVal.

2. No problem circling on the périphérique in the middle of the day. Frankly, I prefer the A1 to the A3 from the airport, but it doesn't make all that much difference.
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1. Follow the signs to CDGVal or Terminal 1 (which is located on the CDGVAL line). Disembark at Roissypôle, take the escalator (or use the elevator) up one level and you should be able to see the Ibis next door. It´s not even 3 minutes away from the CDGVAL train.

2. The next day, I would check traffic on either google maps or the traffic board located at most of the autorental locations. I would not use the route you have chosen unless you are arriving on the weekend. The périphérique can be slow going. Take A86 to A6 and then south to Sancerre. If A86 looks too congested, I would exit the airport to the east and join N2 to the south and join A104, la francilienne to A 6.

It may be better to take a train immediately upon your arrival, either into Paris or to Sancerre, but there could be a number of reasons why you want to stay at the airport. I could say one way or another without your furnishing a lot more information.
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Thanks all for your advice.

I am staying at the airport because I don't arrive until 8:00 pm. I'll have left San Jose at 8:00 pm the day before and have had a three hour layover at Heathrow, so the last thing I'll want to do is to get on another train; instead, I'll be looking for a real bed and a few hours of sleep!

Kerouac, thank you for your advice about the hotel and my route. Again, I'll say that I don't mind sitting in a little traffic as I do not have to be in Sancerre at any specific time. Also, being in traffic allows me to take the route a little more slowly, hopefully guaranteeing that I don't miss my exit!

Sarastro, the N2-A104-A6 route you describe has been proposed by one of the mapping services I've looked at ( and I may consider that option.

As usual, the Fodorites have come through. Merci!
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Makes sense to me if you aren't arriving until 8 pm, not to mention the time and expense to go into central Paris.
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