Ferries between Ireland & Wales/Scotland


Jul 22nd, 1998, 10:00 AM
Mike Stewart
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Ferries between Ireland & Wales/Scotland

Can anyone help provide details (i.e. prices, schedules, etc.) on the Swansea - Cork ferry, and the Belfast - Scotland ferry (I forgot the name of the town in Scotland, but I think it starts with an "S"). My wife and I will be taking them in early October (i.e. sometime between Oct. 1rst - 10th).

For the Swansea - Cork ferry, is it easy to get to the ferry docks in Swansea by foot from the city centre? When disembarking in Cork, how far is the ferry terminal from the city centre? On the map it looks like it's quite a ways away. Is there bus/train service from the Cork ferry terminal into the city centre?

For the Belfast - Scotland ferry, I gather that there may be train service. i.e. one can book a train ticker from Belfast right through to Glasgow or Edinburgh. Is this correct? Does the train load right onto the ferry, or does the train simply drop you off and then pick you up at the ferry terminal?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Mike Stewart
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Jul 22nd, 1998, 08:58 PM
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Check out:

www.budgettravel.com/eurotran.htm which has an entire section on European ferries.
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