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brooke Apr 1st, 2003 03:36 PM

Favorite Irish Farmhouses?
6 of us in our early 30s will be traveling in Ireland by car for approx. 10 days in July. Our itinerary we're considering is:<BR>Fly into Shannon<BR>2 nights Dingle<BR>2 nights Kinsale<BR>2 nights Kilkenny or Wicklow area (can't decide, any thoughts would be appreciated!)<BR>2 nights Dublin, out of Dublin<BR>Anyway, we would like to stay in a farmhouse or two during our trip - a real working farmhouse would be cool. Just looking for a comfortable stay that obviously isn't luxury, but reasonably nice with friendly owners. It could be outside any of these particular cities/towns mentioned, in a real small town. I know most people recommend other sites, etc. to pursue, which I am, but was wondering where you personally have had great Irish farmhouse experiences. <BR>On a separate note, we would also like to stay in a castle, but I keep hearing the same ones mentioned over and over (Dromoland, Ashford, Adare Manor, the one that starts with a G, etc.) -- they seem very expensive and possibly stuffy? Anyway, is this it, or are there others that are a real castle converted into a hotel?<BR>Thanks for answering my long questions!

itsmlf Apr 2nd, 2003 11:01 AM

one B&amp;B i highly suggest is...Kilmoon House in Ennis on Kildysart...the most wonderful people the Pynes own it.

brooke Apr 2nd, 2003 06:56 PM

Thank you for your message! Exactly what county is that in?

Shadow Apr 2nd, 2003 10:22 PM

Brooke-you will have a blast with your friends in Ireland. My husband and I brought 8 friends (10 of us all together) to Ireland (then on to London and Paris)in June 2001-what a trip!!<BR>A great Irish website is that you might enjoy-lots of information there AND you can ask any questions you want and Pat Preston (site owner) will respond!<BR>Helped me alot planning our trip-and I had been to Ireland 5 times previous!<BR>AND, my mother lives there!<BR>Dingle has always been one of my favorite places! (great food at The Smokehouse Rest. and the Mystic Celt-plus many others too)<BR>Have fun!!<BR>Shadow

brooke Apr 3rd, 2003 07:00 AM

Thanks so much for your note Shadow! Can you tell me some of your favorite places you stayed, ate, drank that you'd recommend? DOes my itinerary look good?

DavidD Apr 3rd, 2003 06:44 PM

brooke,<BR><BR>Perhaps you might be thinking of Glin Castle, located along the Shannon Estuary. Glin has a superb reputation, and while its prices reach up into the stratosphere, it isn't known for being stuffy or overly pretentious.<BR><BR>Concerning farmhouses, I'm particularly fond of this type of accommodation, and one of my favorites is Cullintra House, located just outside the picture postcard-perfect village of Inistioge, County Kilkenny. <BR><BR>At Cullintra House, you'll find a 250-year-old farmhouse that is situated in the lush Kilkenny countryside. The pace here is definitely relaxed, so much so that dinners don't start until late - very late, oftentimes running into the wee hours of the morning. But the journey is well worth it, as you'll enjoy good food, nicely presented, in a candlelight setting. It's all so atmospheric at Cullintra House. A true original. See<BR><BR>For more tourist-tested accommodations, some of which are the farmhouse variety, check out the following website: http//<BR><BR>Best of luck.<BR><BR>P.S. As regards Wicklow versus Kilkenny, both regions have much to offer. The latter, with the exception of Kilkenny City, seems to receive fewer tourists, and the Co. Kilkenny countryside is most attractive. With that in mind, I'd make a point of staying outside Kilkenny City, perhaps in Inistioge, and making a day-trip into the city. <BR><BR>Before arriving in Dublin, make a point of seeing Powerscourt and Glendalough, both en route to Dublin City. You could see both of these sites in an afternoon, with Glendalough best enjoyed early or late in the day, due to the long parade of day-trippers from Dublin.

patp Apr 4th, 2003 06:28 PM

We loved a place called Fernhill Farmhouse, a working farm halfway between Doolin and Lisdoonvarna in County Clare. Not too far from Shannon Airport. Run by a wonderful woman named Suzanne, who considers you family from the moment you walk in.<BR>Should be findable via Google or Irish Tourist Board.<BR>

Shadow Apr 4th, 2003 10:25 PM

brooke, I think your itinerary is fine.<BR>Our group made a stop in Glendalough for a few hours (in Wicklow) on our way to Dublin. Wicklow area is beautiful-I've also always wanted to see Powerscourt in that area but did not get to that trip-next one! I have only spent a few hours in Kilkenny as well so I don't feel right recommending Wicklow over Kilkenny. I do LOVE Cashel and there is a great little show with Irish dancing, music and song called Bru Boru during the summer. We stayed at a fabulous B&amp;B there (with its own gourmet restaurant) called Legends Guest House-highly recommend it!<BR>( What was so special about it were 1)the owners-really great people 2)dinner! Gourmet! Wonderful! 3)the Rock of Cashel was right behind the B&amp;B...some of our rooms overlooked it! Love the Rock of Cashel!<BR>Eat lots of brown bread-served every morning everywhere! And, sometimes at dinner too! <BR>Great music in Dingle! Take the Slea Head Drive-beautiful. <BR>Wish I were going.....<BR>Shadow<BR><BR>

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