Familia Hotel in Paris??


Dec 3rd, 1997, 10:02 AM
Brittley Wise
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Familia Hotel in Paris??

Has anyone stayed at the Familia Hotel in Paris near the Sorbonne? What is it like? How is the neighborhood? Thanks!
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Dec 12th, 1997, 06:58 AM
Dan Levin
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What a blast from the past! I stayed in the Hotel Familaa in 1984. At the time, I was between jobs and traveling alone throughout Europe, trying to be thrifty. The hotel itself--then, at least--was nothing special. The room I stayed in was pretty small, the hallways narrow, but everything was functional. I seem to recall the breakfast nook in the lobby was pleasant. I don't know how long you plan to stay there, but more than three nights and you could find you've grown tired of it.
That said, the neighborhood around the Sorbonne is wonderful. My wife and I visited Paris in 1996 and I strolled through the area again. Lots of shops, inexpensive cafes (and students). There's a Metro nearby, and most of the Rive Gauche is a short walk away.
E-mail me if you have any other questions. It's hard to be more helpful when I don't really know what you're seeking.
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Dec 12th, 1997, 02:06 PM
Rebecca McBride
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This is so exciting! I stayed at the Familia Hotel in July 1990 with my 16-year-old son, and we loved it. I just found it by wandering around. It was the end of a two-week trip to Nimes, Arles, and the Pyrenees, and with its level of comfort (high for us), it was a nice break. Our room had a color TV, so we could watch the German Open, and a refrigerator, I think, and a bathroom, I'm pretty sure. At the beginning of the trip we stayed at the Hotel Plaisant in the same neighborhood, which is very quaint, French, etc. but with all the drawbacks of those types of places. Our room at the Familia also had a balcony. Right around the corner is a small Roman arena next to a small park -- I just discovered it by looking at a map. Have fun! Your question brought back wonderful memories.
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