Fabulous View of Paris

Old Feb 3rd, 2001, 03:18 AM
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No...are YOU for real? What is your problem?

What does this say about you... that you take pride in publicly chastizing someone in a forum, because they enjoy taking the time to answer people's questions and they try to be helpful about a place they know well and can be lucky enough to call it home...?

You can take advice or leave it...so it only speaks volumes about your own insecurities that you feel compelled to openly question someone's integrity when you can't even sign your own name to your postings. I put my name on each and every one of mine because I can stand behind what information I have to offer.

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is she for real
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I merely point out, as have others before me, that your information is inconsistent and lacks authenticity.
It all reads like a travel brochure.
So, it is "valuable" help?
How can you work fulltime in the US and live six months out of the year in Paris?
Old Feb 3rd, 2001, 04:07 AM
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If it isn't valuable to you, it may be to someone else. Just because you don't find my comments valuable, I shouldn't join in the forum? If it reads like a brochure, who cares? I'm only trying to help, whether you find it helpful or not.

Why do you take it upon yourself to feel the need to point these things out? Who is next, small animals? Do you enjoy this? Were your comments really 'valuable'? Are they really necessary? You just couldn't pass up the opportunity? Hopefully you'll find more constructive ways to speak your mind instead of telling the forum readers that if you 'anonymous' doesn't find their comments valuable, you will openly criticize them. You must be really popular.

I choose to freelance so I can choose when I work. Too good to be true? Then that's your problem...it happens to be my life. If you don't like mine, then get your own.

Old Feb 3rd, 2001, 04:09 AM
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It's a shame that readers are clicking on a fabulous view of Paris to learn and to share something they care about, and they have to read your personal thoughts on another reader.

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