Ever go see a movie in another country?

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Ever go see a movie in another country?

I remember watching A Little Romance with Diane Lane and there was a scene in which they were at a Parisian sp? cinema. I always thought it would be neat to see a movie in another country. Have you ever done it and what was your experience like.
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We saw The Young Poisoners Handbook in Covent Garden, Ridicule at the Minema Cinema in Knightsbridge and Seducing Dr Lewis in Montreal.
I know there are more, but ....
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Although it was another country, I'm not sure that the UK would really qualify, as it wasn't foreign language, but.....

I spent a couple of years in the UK during 7th & 8th grade, I also spent many summers there as a child.

I loved going to the movies there. I'm not sure if they still do it this way, but they actually had an intermission where the candy lady would walk around with a box strapped around her neck selling candy, ice cream and drinks. Then the second half of the movie would start.

I would work very hard in school during the week so that I could earn my movie time on the weekends. It was a much different experience than going to the movies in Florida.
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Well, I probably don't count because at this point I'm not sure what the "other country" is, but we do watch movies in Paris all the time. It's a fantastic city for cinema! American movies are mostly projected in "VO," with the English-language soundtrack and French subtitles. (In the provinces they are mostly dubbed in French.) If you happen to read French, you can watch an amazing range of movies from other countries with French subtitles. Otherwise there are two "curiosities" -- for me, at least. One are the (often very well produced) advertisements before the feature film ,and the other are the rare, charming occasions when the audience applauds at the end of the film.
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I've seen a number of movies in France, but look for the VO (original version, hopefully English) with French subtitles. We got fooled once at a film I'd only heard of and saw it was VO, but once it started realized it was an Italian movie, so was in Italian, with French subtitles. OOOPS.

This past summer we watched Shrek2 in Cannes (in English). I enjoyed watching the subtitles too, and I'm trying to remember the name one character called another -- "ass" maybe? But the subtitle said "lapin" -- huh? Rabbit just wasn't the same as the English word!

I wanted to go to one of the summer outdoor movies in Greece, but never did.
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When I was a small child we lived in Spain for about 10 months. It was extremely disappointing for my sister and I to go and see the animated film "Puss in Boots" and find out it was all in Spanish.

Also saw "Bird on a Wire" (with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn) in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was horrible, even in Spanish. Really terrible, almost almost funny.

There have been others but those two really stand out.

But weren't they at a porn movie in "A Little Romance"...?
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A week ago in Vegas we saw Jack Cousteau's 3-D movie "Sharks", it was wonderful, educational and entertaining.

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I saw one of the superman movies in Bogor, West Java.
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For fun years ago (many), I went to see "West Side Story" in Madrid, which was dubbed in Spanish.
I also saw "Escape From New York" (dubbed in Italian) in Rome" and "The Passion" in Naples.
Certainly adds a strange dimension. Especially seeing Natalie Wood speaking "Good" Spanish when her Spanish accent was so bad in the movie.
What I think is the most interesting is seeing a well known actor, like Sean Connery for instance, who has a deep voice, dubbed in with a reedy tenor voice.
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Yes I have and it was great fun. I've seen movies in French in Switzerland and Spanish in Mexico.

I choose "trashy" movies so my lack of language skills doesn't get in the way of the plot (or lack thereof). Think Wesley Snipes in that vampire series and the like.
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Nothing brings out cultural differences like humor.

I saw the original "Odd Couple" (Lemmon/Matthau) in London (in whatever year that was when it came out). You can scarcely imagine a more Noo Yawk movie, and it got a very different reaction from the British audience compared to what I thought would have been a US reaction. As it was, they all laughed at things that I either didn't think were funny or that I was pretty sure were meant only to be passingly droll; and I ROARED at things when not one other member of the audience was laughing. It was disorienting, not to mention embarrassing.

Eventually, I found myself watching to see if the pacing was intended to allow for laughing when I laughed, or for when the British audience laughed -- and was somewhat reassured to figure out that there were more often brief, deliberate pauses in the action where I laughed than when everyone else did.

Doesn't mean the British audience got it &quot;wrong,&quot; but for sure the em<i>pha</i>sis was on different syl<i>lah</i>bles.
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Back in 1986 I went to see Crocodile Dundee in Australia. It had just been released there and hadn't come to the US yet so that was pretty cool. I was impressed that the theatre had a &quot;countdown&quot; clock in by the screen so we knew how much time we had before the movie started.

On that same trip I went to see, &quot;Big Trouble in Little China,&quot; while visiting New Zealand. I bought my movie snacks and came into the auditorium, and an usher asked to see my ticket. I was surprised that I had an assigned seat!! I don't know if this is standard throughout NZ or unique to that theatre, but at least I got a good seat.

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I just saw The Aviator in Rome. I'm looking forward to seeing it in Inglese!
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Singapore also uses the system of assigned seats - when you purchase your ticket you choose a seat from a screen at the ticket office. American made movies are shown in English with Chinese subtitles.

We've also seen movies in NZ - with assigned seating as mentioned above.
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Oops forgot - also saw movies in Kuwait (censored of course) and Dubai.
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Lots of times, but the best was Star Wars in Merida, in the Yucatan.

Cassandra, I've had that same experience with the humor culture gap.
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Cassandra, Marilyn
I've had the humor culture gap here in California. Quite a number of years ago I was visiting a friend in a small town in Northern California. It had one movie theatre and they were showing one of the Monty Python movies. There were a few times when we were the only ones laughting.

I've seen several free movies at the National Gallery including last Nov. Fellini's brilliant La Strada. I've also seen movies during travels in Asia when I was in the service.
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A great number of years ago I went to see Charles Bronson in Death Wish in London. As you will recall, in the movie, Bronson a former bleeding heart liberal, takes the law into his own hands after his wife is killed by robbers. He walks the streets inviting muggers to attack him. He then proceeds to pop each one with his trusty six-shooter.

I thought to myself, &quot;Boy, this is going to go over like a lead balloon with the gun hating Brits in the audience!&quot; I really thought they might walk out of the theater, as my date wanted to do.

To my amazement, as the movie closed the audience stood and gave the film a standing ovation.

Go figure ---

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Just recalled another memorable foreign movie experience. I was working in Egypt, and went to a local theater to see an American film. It was in English, subtitled in French, and it also had subtitles in Arabic. Since the audience could not understand the English or read French, and many could not read Arabic, those that could read Arabic loudly translated the words to their friends over the soundtrack during the whole show. So loudly we could hardly hear the English.

Great fun, anyway.
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In Paris in the summer, there are free outdoor movies in the Parc de la Villette. Whole families take blankets, wine or whatever. Great fun!
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