Ever done a Maupintour/Gutsy Women Trip?

Jul 12th, 2003, 07:31 AM
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As a follow-on, most all lesbian trips are advertised as such so there wouldn't be any difficulty there I am sure. I think perhaps you're learning that there may be very limited travel possibilities for groups of women and for a variety of both legit and very non-legit reasons.
Your plan for visiting France sometime sounds like a good start...if you weren't absolutely determined to do this in a group situation I think you might enjoy doing that on your own or perhaps with another interested individual...not nearly as difficult to arrange as some would have you believe. A lot of the group tours are marketed with the either stated, on not quite stated, "message" that traveling in a group eliminates a lot of hassle and worry. However, there isn't always as much hassle, if any, to making the various arrangements as they sometimes lead you to believe. One strategy is to look at a group tour itinerary and then imitate it on your own...I've done and as a result was a lot more satisfied. Anyway, I do hope you have a great trip and that this works out successfully for you.
Sep 14th, 2003, 03:41 PM
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Hi, I am celebrating my 50th with trip to Italy. None of my friends could go, but because I am into art and fashion, I signed up with Fashion Perspective Tours out of Richmond, leaving October 1 for Rome, Florence, and Venice. The groups are small, and overwhelmingly female. Their references were excellent, and I found the demographics varied; you could be traveling with Junior Leaguers from Houston with deep pockets, as well as fashion students from VCU on tight budgets. The company schedules trips on shoulder seasons when weather is good but crowds are smaller, and the prices are reasonable for what you get---all airfare, transfers, tours listed, and three star hotels that are centrally located and recommended everywhere. There's also free time built in to the itinerary to do your own thing. I cannot wait to go. Take a look at www.fashionperspectivetours.com.
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Oct 21st, 2006, 01:22 PM
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Has anyone done a Gutsy Women Tour? I am considering one to Italy, next Fall and would like to hear from someone that has gone on one of their tours?
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Oct 22nd, 2006, 05:28 AM
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In reviewing this thread, I noticed that sharing a hotel room is part of the tour. Thought I might mention some sharing problems I've seen on other boards:

1. room mates who are not supposed to smoke in the room, but do so anyway. There's no guard to prevent so; tour guides do not want to play social worker.
2. room mates who have various sleeping schedules - rise at 4am & shower/lights on, etc; go to bed at 1am leaving tv, lights, shower on, etc. Afterall, it's their room also & they paid the same amount.
3. room mates who were unsocial; refused to answer questions or exchange social graces; refuse to give scheduling info for bath, etc; verbally abusive.

I'm sure there are more - these are just from memory. Of course there were lots of warm, great stories of making a new friend. Just want to be sure you consider all possible consequences - usually spend a lot of money on these trips!

Good luck, Julie
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Oct 22nd, 2006, 10:11 AM
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If I couldn't get my own room (by paying single supplement) I wouldn't go.
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