Evening wear in Paris – JEANS!!

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What is strange about this subject is that the poster and certain other participants want to qualify for being well dressed in Paris but are trying to determine what is the minimal acceptable attire. What normal people do is dress however feels right, and if they are turned away for any place for being incorrectly dressed (a very rare occurence in 21st century France), they go elsewhere. Who would want to go somewhere that looks down on you?
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This was not about finding the minimum standards, it was about relaying a recent trip experience and advising others.

Everywhere in the western world has exclusive clubs as per the ones mentioned(even the US) and the reason they look you up and down first is to decide whether you are the type of client that they would like in the club. The only ones who complain about this practice are the ones who don't get in, hence the word "exclusive".

I find it laughable that people honestly believe that the French don't ask for fashion advice, are all the fashion forums in France written by expats?

"What normal people do is dress however feels right" and what feels right to someone in Paris might be very different to what feels right to someone in LA and very different again to someone in Iran or Alaska, this is why these posts are interesting to some of us. It is also why some people will still wear their fanny packs, loud shirts and baseball caps-because that's what feels right for them. This I might add is a choice, one that some are happy with, that's their choice.
Some of us however choose to discuss these things and learn from the experiences of others (afterall, everyone here is doing that in some way).
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Thanks, Angelblue71. Well put. My concern is we'll only have so much luggage space. If jeans will put off large segments of a population we're not familiar with, I'd rather my girls left them home. Last time I was in Paris, I forgot to notice how anyone was dressed. (though I did admire the gensdarmes' uniforms) We can't wait until we get there, scope out decently-dressed attire, then follow suit. Picking up a new comme il faut wardrobe at Chanel, Prada, or even Galeries Lafayette, isn't an option.
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Could I raise the issue of clothing weight? Jeans are heavy and slow to dry when they get wet. Wouldn't a different kind of fabric be better for travel?
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On my recent trip to Paris I wore nothing but jeans and I was still the best dressed in many places. Who ever said that the French don't wear jeans?
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>>> On my recent trip to Paris I wore nothing but jeans...<<<

No shirt? How charming and scandalous of you!

(insert goofy but cheerful smiley face here)
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"I don't really care if we stand out or not, we tend to do so here when we all start talking and arguing at once."

Momliz, are we related?
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Hi Stokebaily, I noticed plenty of jeans in Paris last fall. My daughter didn't wear them because we packed particulary light that trip, because we moved around a bit more than usual. She took black sketchers that didn't look as much like gym shoes, and were very comfortable. You mentioned t-shirts, and I did notice, that I didn't see ANY tshirts with logos. So, if comfort is important, and your girls like tshirts, I would suggest 3/4, or long sleeve plain tees, or perhaps tanks for warmer weather. We all noticed that the French women, even when dressed in jeans seemed very "put-together" Nice shoes,bag,etc. I am not saying that this is always the case, as many have said here. This was just my families observations. I don't think your girls will have any problems with jeans. It doesn't sound like you'll be going anywhere that this would be a problem. You could always intice them to bring a pair of black pants in case you do go to a restaurant that makes jeans uncomfortable. My daughter and I bought several scarves while there, and that makes an outfit look better IMHO. They pack flat, take up little space and can add a little variety if one is packing lite. They seemed to be available everywhere,in many price ranges.
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Perfect, peppermintpatti. Thanks. While on the subject of nice bags: my 14 yo bought her Dream Purse this year, a pink suede number that makes her feel well-turned-out. Would it be a pickpocket magnet? Do the Parisian women clutch their purses to their chests on the Metro?
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I vote to let her take the suede purse! Fun clothes to me is part of the fun of vacation. Whenever I take a purse on any public trans., I always have it over my shoulder, and hold the strap, while pushing it to my body, but especially when getting on and off. I have heard of people getting the straps cut, and the purse stolen, but I have never had any experience like this. Maybe the pickpocketters look for someone holding their bag a little looser? I certainly always follow the advice of those here, who have said not to carry anything in a purse that you would be heartbroken to lose. I think if your daughter loves that purse she will defend it pretty well!!--but you be the one to carry the money and credit cards! If your daughter is anything like my girls she will be the one you should most fear where the money is concerned! I wish you a great trip, what a great experience your family will remember always!
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