Eurostar---London to Paris

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Eurostar---London to Paris

In November I will be in London and taking the Eurostar to Paris on a Wednesday morning. A few questions? Do I need any type of reservations? Should I carry on my suitcase or is there a check-in service? (or under the train) Any issues with standard class seating? Anything else I need to know???

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Hi Sam:

I think a reservation would help. We took the Eurostar (this past May)after arriving in London from the US. Although we had a reservation, we went to Waterloo Station and were able to change to an earlier train.

If you can, I'd recommend carrying on your suitcase (don't know if there's a check-in).And I'd go for the most inexpensive class possible - it's only three hours and it's a very nice train.

If you go to there should be more info about the Eurostar.

Have a great trip!
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Yes - do book. It is run like an airline with different priced tickets allocated on a first come first served bases. It also occasionally sells out. You can carry your suitcase onto the train. There is a baggage area at the front of each carriage. Standard seating is fine, but the smoking section is awful - so thick that your eyes water just by passing through it. The trip takes 3 hours, and is quite boring so take some books.
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Hi, Sam,
1. You bet you need reservations.
2. You can carry on your bags or check them for a rather high price each. The storage on the coaches is OK, probably easier on weekdays with business types than on weekend or holiday periods with touring families and their bags.
3. Standard seating is fine.
4. Anything else you should know? Well, the food is so-so and very pricey... I think the Waterloo terminal doesn't do very well at handling crowds, especially when in their wisdom Eurostar dispacth trains to Paris and Brussels virtually simultaneously, with attendant chaos in the waiting and platform areas...'s cool. Fields and trees in Kent, a few minutes in the dark, then fields and trees in Normandy, except the cars are on the other side of the road.
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Yes, buy your tickets before you go. We tried to buy once we got to London. The fare was the highest at the Eurostar station at Waterloo, L145 for a one way ticket to Paris. The travel agent at Victoria Station had them for L99, still more than we would have paid through Britrail. Weekday travel is the most expensive, since they figure their clients are business travelers.

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