Eurostar, and taxis in Paris

Nov 8th, 1999, 04:37 PM
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Eurostar, and taxis in Paris

How much more expensive is First Class over Standard Class on Eurostar, London to Paris?
What does one get for the extra, and is it worth it?
In Paris we will have to get from Gare du Nord, Eurostar, to Paris-Montparnasse to catch a TGV going further south. What is the best way to do this (for two seniors with some luggage)? About how much would a taxi cost, and how long would it take?
Thanks for the help.
Nov 8th, 1999, 04:44 PM
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I took the Eurostar this June - standard class and was quite comfortable. They were standard seats, but the ride is really smooth. When I got to Gare du Nord the line for taxis was so long, I started walking. You will probably need to count on standing in line for a taxi for a while.

Nov 8th, 1999, 09:51 PM
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Hi, I've just returned from 2 months touring Europe (& Bali). We stayed at a hotel opposite Gare Du Nord for our last night in Paris because our original plans were to train to Calais from Gare Du Nord, but were changed to using the Eurolines Bus/Ferry/Bus which was great. We had to catch a taxi from the hotel at 7.30am and had no problem. It cost Aus $35 for a ten to fifteen minute trip. For a family of four with a lot of luggage, after training from Amsterdam-Brugge-Paris with suitcases and a MILLION stairs at the stations, a taxi is the best solution. A word of advice - negotiate a price before getting into the taxi. There are plenty of taxis fighting each other for business. Because of all our luggage we needed a wagon, and got one easily on the street. If you book they up the price considerably. Bon Voyage.
Nov 9th, 1999, 04:19 AM
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the eurostar standard class was great. plenty of leg room. there's no need to go first class with parents. i traveled with my parents last month, and did find that taking a taxi was worth it. especially with luggage. in paris, i'd usually take the train from the airport, but opted for a cab with 3 people and glad we did. don't know about negotiating--may be a good idea, but never knew they negotiated.
Nov 9th, 1999, 02:32 PM
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Check the website
They give you the fares, as well as what you get in each class. We've always traveled standard, and been perfectly happy. A co-worker, though, said he loved First class and recommended it as worth the difference in price.
Get a cab; if worse comes to worst, there is a metro line (4) that goes from Gare du Nord to Montparnasse (no changing). Yucky if it's rush hour...
Nov 10th, 1999, 03:33 AM
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First Class on the Eurostart gives you less seats (therefore, less people in the car), wider seats that recline (never did find the recline switch in the standard cars), seats that face each other with a table and lamp in between, and you get a meal. You can "upgrade" once you get to the Waterloo. In April, my mother and I upgraded (long story...missed our scheduled train and only smoking cars had seats available). Anyway, it only costs us £28 each to upgrade. We thought it was worth it. Good Luck!
Nov 12th, 1999, 04:33 AM
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Regarding cabs at Gare du Nord, the waiting line varies a lot. From 10 seconds to 30 minutes...
The drive between Gare du Nord and Gare Montparnasse should take you between 30 and 45 minutes (average). The cost should be between 80 and 120 FF, depending on traffic and wether you are travelling on a week day or a week-end, or at night, as different tariffs are applicable.
There is a additional charge (5 FF) for picking you up in a railway station and the driver may add 5 FF more per piece of luggage being stored in his back hood.
On top of that, a tip of 10 to 15 per cent of the total amount is customary.
I highly recommend the cab solution, should you have quite a lot of luggage, but you also have to allow enough time to travel between both railway stations, as traffic (just like in any big city) is unpredictable!
Nov 12th, 1999, 06:19 AM
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If I understand you correctly, you don't intend to stop in Paris at all - - then don't use Paris as your point of transfer - - the stories of lines for taxis and overall hassle will be true. Go London-Lille (also a Eurostar route) and then Lille-Avignon instead. Lille europe is very new, has a pleasant mall physically adjacent to the station and will be much easier on you than Paris.

But why use the train at all? It will cost you over $200 (USD) and take seven hours, when you can fly (RyanAir) to St. Etienne, Carcassonne or Biarritz for much less money and a fraction of the time. I'm sure there are other good cheap routes on other low cost carriers as well: British Midland, and that subsidiary of some big airline - - you know - - "STOP" or something like that.

Best wishes,

Nov 12th, 1999, 10:35 AM
Ben Haines
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If you'll tell me your destination I'll see whether you can avoid the crossing of Paris by taking Eurostar to Lille Europe, then going on by TGV straight to your destination. As Rex says, until 27 November a train leaves London Waterloo at 0827 or 0814, you change at Lille Europe from 1210 to 1221, and reach Bordeaux at 1802, Irun at 2032, or Toulouse at 2015. Another leaves Waterloo at 1423 or 1414, the Lille change is 1721 to 1753 or 1813 and you reach Bordeaux at 2322. These timese are likely to stay true after 27 Nvember, but you'd need to check.

Again as Rex says, flights might be cheaper. Ryanair offer Carcassonne at 83 pounds or 133 dollars and St Etienne at 53 pounds or 85 dollars. Detail is on, and their phone is 0044 541 569 569. You may find other offers on

Please write if I can help further.

Be Hains, London

Nov 12th, 1999, 10:53 AM
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Took Eurostar London-Paris-London in September. Went standard. Very comfortable. Cannot see how first class would be worth it. Extremely smooth ride and everything fairly new and clean. Total time for the trip is only three hours. Would recommend standard
Nov 15th, 1999, 11:19 AM
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Took Eurostar last week. Get reservations and ask for seat in standard class, but ask for two seats facing each other with a table between you. There are two per train car I believe. From Gare du Nord to Latin Quarter with 3 bags for 2 people, it was 87FF for mid-day Wednesday traffic which did not include tip. If you could skip it I would as the early post said. The line looked long but moves real quick. Would do it again for I hate taking luggage through cities streets, airports and subways. My suggestion, if you are going for 10 days, pack enough clothes for 5 days at the most. Remember, no one will see you twice. I pack 7 shirts for 10 days and wore 4. Travel lightly. Have fun, I am dreaming of Paris right now on my first day back.
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