European Weather

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European Weather

I have noticed quite a few postings recently about a heat wave engulfing Europe, along with accompanying remarks about how a traveller could possibly cope with such temperatures (which have been in the 80's and 90's, depending on the locale).

What I would like to know is - are all these posters from Alaska??? In the States, most areas routinely hit the 80's and 90's all summer, and life goes on. Why would it be such a problem if it were say 86 in Paris?
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Important to know for choosing fabric for pareo-wool or linen.
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The problem is that it was close to 100F for about ten days in Central Europe. Not that great, if you want to walk around exploring a city, instead of laying on a beach or even worse, have to work!
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Also, in most areas of the US where temps are that high, people normally have fans and/or air conditioners. Most of the hotels we stayed in had no fans and only 1 had A/C. It can get very warm and stuffy in a hotel room at night with no air movement.
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Santa Chiara
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Not only do the hotels not have AC but neither do many restaurants and stores in Italy. Nor does some of the public transportation, and EuroStar for one seems particularly afflicted with the AC breaking down in one or more cars.
As a fifth-generation Texan, I believe it is my god-given right to AC everywhere, all the time. Obviously the country of Italy doesn't acknowledge this right.

But we just had a terrific downpour, so maybe it will cool off, although it will also bring out the tiger mosquitos (Italy's version of fire ants).
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We talked to my FIL in Tuscany yesterday and it was 100 degrees. As another poster mentioned, many, many places are not air-conditioned and fans are hard to find sometimes.
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Hiho, please come to Paris in the middle of a muggy heat wave. Ride a crowded (standing room only) unairconditioned metro several times a day. Eat in unairconditioned restaurants, shop in unairconditioned stores, and sleep in unairconditioned hotels. Then tell me it's no big deal.
Americans have forgotten what summer heat really feels like. They go from air conditioned homes to air conditioned cars to air conditioned offices. They eat in air conditioned restaurants and shop in airconditioned malls. Pretty easy to ignore the heat when you only have to deal with it about 10 minutes a day.
In Paris, for example, 90% of Parisians take unairconditioned mass transit to work. Most offices have little or no air conditioning-- and their homes aren't airconditioned either.
Turn off ALL your air conditioners for the entire duration of the next heat wave and THEN ask us why 86 (muggy) degrees is "such a problem".
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I have to disagree with whomever there says we are to used to air conditioning. I suppose we are, but you cannot tell me that most of the countries below are that backwards they cant figure something to do about it. Personally, my suggestion is if the ehat is botehrsome, do not go in the summer. I just tried it in Germany for a week, and never again. Sorry. If I am spending my money to enjoy a vacation, then I will do so without sweltering with thousands of others. It is great Parisians or Romans can handle it. I admire that. Just doesnt mean I have to enjoy it.
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I still don't get it. The typical US tourist makes plans for European travel well in advance of the trip. Let's say I am going in July - I might have made plans in, oh, April. On July 3, the day before I am set to go, I see that there is a heat wave in Rome. What am I supposed to do: A) Cancel my plans due to the heat, and head for the Maine coast instead? 0r B) Go, enjoy myself, and drink plenty of fluids, etc. etc. to beat the heat.

Of course B! So why all the fuss?????
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Is it just me, or is Hiho a complete and utter moron who needs to get a life? Ugh! Can you at least contribute something informative for once? You and your idiotic "When in Rome wear black" or the whole STUPID pareu thing!! Do mommy and daddy know you sit at the computer all day?
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I don't have air conditioning in my home in So. Cal., my office does, but don't the offices in Italy have AC? If Europe is so advanced like alot of you are arguing here all the time, why don't they have air conditioning? At least fans? I don't have much money but I do have fans, gee whiz.
Why do so many tourists go in the dead of summer anyway if there are no fans or AC?
Old Jun 25th, 2002, 06:54 PM
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I'm from Florida so we go to escape the heat. One week until departure - hope we get some cooler temps!
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