European Police

Oct 26th, 2000, 06:41 AM
Law and Order
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European Police

Having just come back from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany I would like to compliment the various Police forces. All potential trouble-makers were quickley removed from the streets. Compare that to back home in Britain, where thugs and criminals are allowed a free reign of terror, while the police turn a blind eye.
Oct 26th, 2000, 07:13 AM
Huh ?
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That's six countries visited & you saw the Police in action in all of them ???
Sounds like you had a hell of a time !
Oct 26th, 2000, 08:43 AM
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If they so are tuff on troublemakers, how come they missed you?
(NB there is currently some debate in the UK about the police taking extra action to move beggars along.
I suspect that this is the source of this troll, who seems scared of "potential trouble makers".)
Oct 26th, 2000, 11:04 AM
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Most of the rest of us think that British police are the ideal, not German - - to wit the following:

In heaven...

the cooks are all French
the mechanics are all German
the lovers are all Italian
the police are all British
and the Swiss are in charge of everything

in hell...

the cooks are all British
the mechanics are all French
the lovers are all Swiss
the police are all German
and the Italians are in charge of everything
Oct 26th, 2000, 11:49 AM
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Yes, I've seen the above. However, run-down housing estates in Manchester are like a war- zone. I'm baffled as to why tourists want to visit cities like Manchester, and Liverpool.
Oct 26th, 2000, 12:06 PM
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Guildford Four, Birmingham Six, the Stalker affair, etc., etc., etc. Who can provide even more examples of fine British police work?

However, in defense of the British police, they (supposedly) can't just wade in and start bashing skulls, such as is commonplace in Eastern Europe. They have rules to follow, and most do. I'd rather have more crime than an oppresed police state.
Oct 26th, 2000, 12:14 PM
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Liverpool - Beatles stuff, football
Manchester - music, dance clubs, football

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