European Beaches/Honeymoon Suggestions

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European Beaches/Honeymoon Suggestions

We are planning our honeymoon for the beginning of September 2008. I was hoping to get some great advice and suggestions. It is always tough for me to choose because I want to go everywhere. My original ideas included Mallorca/Costa del Sol, Croatia/Montenegro or island hopping around Greece. We have two weeks total and a decent budget. We would like our vacation to be 1/2 relaxing beach vacation and 1/2 adventure/site seeing. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Thanks!
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What's a "decent budget" to you, 100, 250 or 500 euro/day? More? Less? Do you want suggestions for 5-star destinations and hotels? The more information you provide about your expectations the better the responses will be.
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We're heading to the Costa del Sol in May. Can give you my humble opinion upon our return. Have been to the Greek isles. Gorgeous!! Like Brotherleelove said, your budget could impact this choice. Some areas are considerably more expensive than others. And I'd highly recommend staying in a villa or apartment rather than a hotel, if that's in the budget. Make like a local and get much more beautiful space for your money.

Other options to consider are Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and last year we stayed in Levanto (next to the Cinque Terre along the Italian Riviera) last year. Lovely, just lovely!!! Tough choice. If you want any specific info on any of those, just let me know. Barbara
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Our budget is about 250 to 300 Euro a day. We would arrive on a Monday and leave on a Saturday, so roughly 12 days + 2 travel days.


What islands did you travel to in Greece? Compared to Cinque Terre and Positano, which did you prefer of the three? I know it is probably like comparing apples to oranges!

Where are you staying in the Costa del Sol?
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Hi Marit,

how about sicily - great food, wonderful beaches, magnificant scenery, interesting towns, terrific monuments - what more could you want?

regards, ann

PS - if you don't fancy so much heat, cornwall is very nice that time or year too, and has all that sicily has to offer!

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Croatia or Montenegro are good ideas - or Turkey?

I think island hopping is too strenous for a honeymoon. After all the wedding planning stress and dinners and parties etc - you'll need to relax and chill a bit.
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200 or 300 euros a day for what? For your hotel? Or for hotel, meals, transportation and activities/ nightlife for 2 people?

It makes a tremendous difference!
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I loved Mallorca but I can't compare it to the other destinations you've listed. I've visited Mallorca 3 times and it and Brazil are my favorite beach/adventure destinations. I loved the people, beach, & variety of day trip destinations.
Have fun.
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In Greece we visited Naxos, Paros, and Santorini. Santorini is beautiful, but much more of a college party town atmosphere. Maybe worth a visit, but not a romantic honeymoon destination as much as a "party hard" destination. Naxos was my favorite.

Yes, it is very difficult to compare the Greek islands, Positano, and the Cinque Terrr... I really enjoyed all of three places. You say you want a mix of relaxation and adventure. Tell me more what you mean by adventure. They're all relatively small places so very navigable. Cinque Terre are a little harder to get to, only because the islands in Greece are serviced by these huge ferries that haul tons of people daily from one to another. The CT are very popular, but much less a vacation destination than the Greek isles. (Although September's a great month to visit because the crowds will be dying down.) Positano is probably a bit more expensive than the others (but with the weak dollar, everything is expensive for us these days). Hmmm... still thinking which one I'd pick if I had to do my honeymoon again.
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Cyprus would be lovely at the beginning of September but still very hot. There are many upscale properties for example the Anassa Hotel in Polis, the Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills and many others. Greek is spoken in Southern Cyprus but it is not a Greek island i.e it does not have whitewashed buildings with blue shutters etc. English is widely spoken. The best beaches are in the east but I much prefer the north west of the island.

Apart from the beach, there are many places to visit, eg the Troodos mountains, Akamas nature reserve, traditional villages, medieval castles, mosaics in Paphos and other numerous things. It is also possible to take a mini cruise to Egypt from Cyprus. It is a well discovered and developed island, tourists are mostly British/German/Russians/Scandinavian/Dutch but not many Americans.

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I would find a little hotel in Ravello or Amalfi or Capri and take little trips from there as the spirit moves me. Some say the Amalfi coast doesn't have nice beaches, but it does have a few. There's hiking, terrific food, and lovely architecture. I can't imagine a more romantic spot for a honeymoon.
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For the budget you mention I would like to suggest a 5star villa complex on Skiathos Island.

The 3 villas are situated in the lush green resort of Troulos, one of the most picturesque areas on Skiathios Island.

It is sure you will enjoy discreet retreat and feel truly ensconced in an elegant private residential atmosphere.

you can get a quick glimpse at

There are also excellent choices in Santorini, such as Astarte Suites and Andronis Luxury Suites
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<i>In Greece we visited Naxos, Paros, and Santorini. Santorini is beautiful, but much more of a college party town atmosphere. Maybe worth a visit, but not a romantic honeymoon destination as much as a &quot;party hard&quot; destination.</i>

Barbara -- When you say that Santorini is a &quot;party&quot; destination, what village are you talking about?

I've heard that Fira can be party central, but Imerovigli and Oia are both extremely popular with honeymooners. I didn't even think there was much nightlife at all in Oia. And I would guess September is even quieter than July and August.
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For those who visited Mallorca... where did you stay??? Im trying to plan a trip for August/September and am overwhelmed Any suggestions would be welcomed..

thanks in advance.
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gi chrissy,

years ago we went to Mallorca, and stayed at Polensa, in the north.

we travelled around quite a lot, and most of the island is
a)lovely and
b)accessible from everywhere else

the only bit to avoid is the beach area near Palma, which that time of year will be wall to wall Brits and germans increasing their chances of getting skin cancer.

regards, ann
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Am going to bed now - but have spent half my life on Mallorca - will fill you in tomorrow if you still need information.

Night, Night!
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There is no doubt. Yuo should choose Amalfi Coast, staying in Positano or if not possible, Ravello.
You can choose between hotels or self-catering accommodations. Probably the second option is more suitable to your case. You will find a lot of luxury villas and beautiful apartments in Positano or Praiano.
There places that you can'miss: Grotta dello Smeraldo, near Praiano; Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo in Ravello; Maiori's promenade; Minori with world famous De Riso delights; Positano shops and so on...
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