Europe first-timer: London/Paris/Rome

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With 2 weeks you'll have plenty of time to do all three. It's very common here in Europe to take 'weekend breaks' in the major cities, whizzing in and out in 2 or 3 days. So you can't see everything, but you can see a lot, and you've got more time than that. 3 or 4 days in each city will make a great trip for you. I wouldn't miss Rome out if it is one of your main must-sees as it is very different from the other cities you'll be going to.
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Dear G,
Ira is right, you should take your time. Is Paris the best place of the three I don't know. I elected the very center of the City of Lights, maravellous flat Square Dauphine, on the Isle. Surely less typical in July, people of Paris today is great (I am in Belleville, at a terrasse de caf&eacute. They say in summer, Paris empty unless around the monuments - that you should avoid then. Stick with the bord de Seine and move a life romance along waters.
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Do all 3 cities, you can chunnel from London to Paris, and take a sleeper train from Paris to Rome to save $$ and time.
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I'm with the rest of the gang on this one.

First, if I had 10 day (and that didn't include the day in and the day out), I would do all three cities. When I was in college abroad, I did Budapest, Munich, and Paris in less than two weeks and had a ball!

I'm also going to second the idea of definitely doing Rome. I lived in Rome on two separate occasions and cannot stress enough how magical and different it really is. There is also a huge benefit to the free attractions in rome - you can walk the forum, enjoy the trevi fountain, spanish steps, pantheon, various sqaures (Venezia, Campo Dei Fiori, Navona, Del Popolo, etc), and most the churches (and there a ton of them) for free. Then, there are the museums and sites which you do have to pay for, but I think there are an abundance of free activities in Rome - and for a younger traveller this is an important point.

London is extremely expensive right now. The British Sterling Pound is about twice the value of the dollar. This means attractions like the tower of london, which costs like 13 pounds, is $26 American Dollars to visit. So, just another thing to consider when travelling.

Personally, knowing the costs of London, I would myself potentially limit my time there a bit more. But, London is amazing and there is soooo much to do.

I also love Paris myself - it is beautiful and really extraordinary.

At the end of the day - I would do it all!

I would also recommend doing at least one or two eurrail trips. I think taking the train in europe is part of what really makes travelling in europe unique and fun.

I also think you can squeeze Venice in there - maybe doing an overnight train from Paris to Venice?

Hopefully that helps!


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Hi -- when you're in London, I recommend going to stay in a Youth Hostel in the Lake District -- you'll meet people, and have a great time getting to really know what England is all about. (take a Virgin train to Oxenholme. Get in touch with the Youth Hostels up there -- they will help you figure out how to get from train to them) The big cities are all a little like getting out of town will give you a better taste for Europe. Likewise in Paris -- perhaps stay out of town in Fountainbleu, for example. Do take the advice on this site with a grain of salt-- there's lots of "fordorites" as they like to call themselves who are highly opinionated and who come across as a bit sharp-toned. You'll go to Europe for the rest of your life -- enjoy the experience and don't worry about doing it all. I didn't get to Europe until I was 31. But by 35, had moved here for good! Good luck.
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For London (and the Lake District) especially, buy Rick STeves book for tips on where stay, eat, etc. His stuff is geared a bit younger than other titles and for the independent traveller, especially.
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I just returned from my Europe vacation and all I had was 8 days...I went to London for 2 days, took the Eurostar to Paris, spent 2 days there and took a flight on Easyjet for only 62USD! to Rome, spent 3 days there with a day trip to your 10 days are fine. I actually used the hop on hop off bus (I know, I know) but it was so helpfull in showing me the city. The tube in London is awesome..learned it in a minute and was off to book your trip and go on your adventure, you will not regret it!
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Here's some advice from Amsterdam:
- Skip Paris. It's full of french people.
- London is cool. Be sure to visit the Kensington Roofgardens, Nothing Hill and Ronnie Scott's jazzclub. If you don't like standing in a queue for hours, order a London pass + travel card on the internet.
- Venice is for lovers, not for lonesome cowboys. Florence and Siena are just as beautiful and much closer to Rome.
- Rome should be your final destination. Anything after Rome will be boring.
- Consider visiting Barcelona instead of Paris. Beautiful city, great weather, friendly people and TAPAS!
- If you like tall blonde women: Stockholm.
- Prague and Dubrovnik are beautiful cities too. For culture and nightlife: Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest.

Day 1: Flight
Day 2-5: London
Day 6-9: Barcelona
Day 10-16: Rome
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Wha....? Skip Paris it's full of French people? Don't daft laddie - you will bump into more Americans than any other nationality.......they keep Paris ticking over, that's for sure!
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tod: This thread is <u>2.5 years old</u>. Wesse probably won't see your comment since he hasn't been around for nearly 2 years . . . .
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I had an old thread surface today - looks like those gremlins are still working hard!
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