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travelinow Sep 4th, 2007 09:52 PM

My husband and I have reservations to fly into Frankfurt May 08, departing Zurich mid June. Most or all of our travel will be by train for 3 weeks. We mainly enjoy the country, mtns, lakes and some city time mixed in. For the 1st week we plan to follow the Rhine south, while still in Germany go to (or maybe only towards) Innsbruck area. Any small city suggestions? For the next 2 weeks (includes trvl time):
Venice 2-3 days (been there before)
Lake Como area 5 days
Engadine area 5 days
Zurich 1 night

I have come across info about Euro 08, 7-29 June in Innsbruck, Zurich & 6 other cities.

What are your thoughts and knowledge how this event will effect travel, (crowded trains) accomodations & costs in these and surrounding cities? Do lots of locals go to this huge event, so maybe the outskirts aren't as crowded? We may even choose to be a part of Euro 08, but should be gone from Innsbruck at least a week before the match there, leaving Zurich the day after a match. Should I change our travel plans to another time or mostly just stay away from the match cities? Also looking for mainly apartments or B&B around $100 p/nt close to train stations. I spend a lot of time reading here & researching, but if you know of a good one, your info is appreciated. Thanks

WillTravel Sep 4th, 2007 10:04 PM

I'd say that if you can find satisfactory, economical accommodations now then I wouldn't worry about crowding issues. I'd just plan more in advance. If the situation is so extreme that no satisfactory accommodation can be found, then reconsider.

flanneruk Sep 4th, 2007 10:28 PM

There are 16 teams in Euro 2008: Austria's first matches (between June 7 and June 16) will be in Vienna: Switzerland's in Basle.

After that, most betting people would expect neither team to remain in the contest. Early June matches in Zurich will be June 9 and 13: in Innsbruck on June 10 and 14.

You might be able to get hotels around the match dates betwen now and December: after that, when it becomes clear which teams will be playing where, you'll find hotels in match cities impossible around a match between, say, Italy and France - but a lot easier if it's betwen Estonia and Belarus.

You also should realise that life in town centres will be downright unpleasant if your visit coincides with matches between countries whose fans are still refighting some squabble. Holland vs Germany or England vs Turkey are examples. OTOH, being in a match city when the Scots supporters arrive (if they get that far) can be highly entertaining

But for the overwhelming majority of us who are at best indifferent to football, city centres are rarely improved by the presence of football supporters. Unless you're really interested in the game, organise yourself to avoid being in a town for the three days straddling a match.

kleeblatt Sep 4th, 2007 10:53 PM

For schedules and other information, see a previous thread:

audere_est_facere Sep 5th, 2007 04:54 AM

As Flanneur says, it does rather depend on whos playing. In general england, Scotland, Holland and Germany take huge contingents - others less so.

If you're not a fan, then the antics of football fans could get a bit much.

On the other hand I am hoping desperately to be there (looking fairly iffy at the moment).

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