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Palenque Dec 11th, 2009 10:31 AM

i'd rather watch paint dry than soccer dry

flanneruk Dec 11th, 2009 10:42 AM

" Imagine the scene - the US emerges victorious in one of the world's biggest sporting events and only about 20 people in the US would actually care."

Would absolutely NOT piss off the 90% of the human race who watch real football.

In order of priority, most fans' objectives are:
1. That their team should win
2. Failing that, at least that hereditary rivals should lose badly. The USA is so far down the pecking order it isn't the hereditary rival of any serious football country, except possibly Mexico. So we get to:
3. That a plucky outsider overperforms. Whether that's the Cameroons, Algeria or the US doesn't really matter: we all like seeing the little guy do well, in the way we were all pleased to see Sri Lanka win the cricket World Cup a few years back.

In England, for example, a US World Cup win would mean France, Germany and Argentina would all have lost. Than which few things give us more pleasure.

One day, the US might rival, say, Portugal or the Netherlands as a team others take seriously. That day's a very long way away.

Unless you field your girls' team, of course.

Palenque Dec 11th, 2009 11:12 AM

flanner is shortsighted, as usual. The U.S. has i'd wager the largest kids soccer program on Earth - the most played participant sport in the U.S. is not football but soccer - and has been for years.

Now why this has not translated into really good soccer teams on the international stage (talking about national teams made up of nationals of a country, not the pro thing where say many English Premier League players are not English)

But it will - soon - sheer numbers and countless soccer academies - kids spend hours at soccer - soccer Moms are iconic, bussing kids around to matches in the SUVs

Sooner rather than later flanner, old boy. And it seems England has a bit of a way to go to yes rival today's Portugal and Dutch national teams.

You know flim it's that 'vision' thing!

portuense Dec 11th, 2009 12:12 PM

palenque...what, exactly is soccer? you seriously think that italians eg wil not be watching games during a world cup?

wellididntknowthat Dec 11th, 2009 03:17 PM

> you seriously think that italians eg wil not be watching games during a world cup?<

They may very well be but not in decent Scottish Italian restaurants during service. I cant think of an Italian restaurant in Glasgow or Edinburgh that isn't a chippy that even has a telly.

Cholmondley_Warner Dec 12th, 2009 05:09 AM

If the yanks won the world cup we'd laugh our socks off.

Then enjoy a delicious meal of flying pork.

Cholmondley_Warner Dec 12th, 2009 05:34 AM

3. That a plucky outsider overperforms.>>>>

My prediction: Ivory Coast. And as Flanneur suggests the world will be on their side. Even me, and I hate Drogba with a vengence. But he's bloody good.

willit Dec 13th, 2009 03:21 AM

Yes, but his strike partner, Dindane couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.

Cholmondley_Warner Dec 13th, 2009 03:24 AM


wellididntknowthat Dec 13th, 2009 04:16 AM

Whoever gets out of the Ivory Coast group wont face any better in the rest of the tournament. This really appears to be most open World Cup in decades. There's probably some ten teams that, with decent luck, could win it.

portuense Dec 13th, 2009 05:14 AM

decent luck?you're talking about fifa here. there's no chance of an outsider winning anything

wellididntknowthat Dec 13th, 2009 05:16 AM

Who said anything about outsiders?

portuense Dec 13th, 2009 07:45 AM

surely everyone apart from brazil and spain are outsiders...and spain will bottle it

wellididntknowthat Dec 13th, 2009 07:56 AM

Well we disgree.

Cholmondley_Warner Dec 14th, 2009 03:15 AM

*whispers softly* England will win it.

wellididntknowthat Dec 14th, 2009 04:08 AM

I bloody hope not. You lot were bad enough after the Ashes and Rugby World Cup wins. God knows what you'd be like after winning something people actually care about. :-)

Looks out passport, just in case.

Cholmondley_Warner Dec 14th, 2009 06:00 AM

You missed out the F1 title.

And all them gold medals. And the world heavyweight champion.

And not having to eat porridge.

Get back to your buckfast.

CW - thinks that if our first XI can stay fit we'll win it. Again.

willit Dec 14th, 2009 06:03 AM

flap, flap oink,oink !

colduphere Dec 14th, 2009 06:11 AM

Heavyweight champion? I am tuning in late but are you talking about boxing? The Britons had a heavyweight champion but he was Canadian. Lennox Lewis. Please educate me.

wellididntknowthat Dec 14th, 2009 06:16 AM

WIDKT - pondering the many wonderous ways Fabio's boys might snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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