England/France/?Italy? Itinerary

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England/France/?Italy? Itinerary

I am at the VERY beginning stage of planning my first trip to Europe with my husband. Neither of us have been abroad before. I want to visit France and England and possibly Italy. I would say we would have 11 days. I looked into tours with Trafalgar but have heard it is better money-wise to go it alone. I just dont want to get lost.
Some kind of itinerary would be nice and pointers to get around.
Any advice on hotels, itineraries etc... would be great. We are planning to go in May.
Thank You and feel free to e mail me directly.
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Debbie Fox
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I am also in the planning stage, we are thinking about taking a boat down a canal in France. There are several other countries you can do this in. Accomodations are kitchen, sleeping ect. What a great wasy to see the countryside, I am not a big city travelor it is to stressful and not relaxing
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Hi, Heather. I have been to Italy and am planning a trip to the UK in May.

Here are some things that you might want to think about and it would help others on this forum help you:

Do you know if you're the type that would like to jump around from city to city or delve in one area for several days?

Would you prefer to be in large cities or the countryside?

What do you want to get out of the trip? Exposure to art? History? Good food? Wine? The outdoors? A little of everything?

Do you want to be very active on this trip? Do you like to hike? Do you mind/enjoy walking around alot? Would you prefer sitting at cafes and people watching?

I ask these questions because, with 11 days, you will have to jump around a lot to see all three countries. You could divide your time been London and Paris, but do you want to be in the city for your whole trip? Or you could pick 2 or 3 places in one region and make the trip a little more relaxed.

Don't worry, for the most part you won't get lost. But if you do, it usually just adds to the fun.
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In general, I'd say it's too much for 11 days - - these three wonderful countries - - and the distance (and cost to travers it)is NOT trivial.

If you insist, I would break it UNevenly. Give one country 5-7 days (perhaps Italy, if you are going to go all that way), and the other two just a taste (2 or 3 - - and a single destination. Consider the possibility of leaving Paris out.

For example:

Day 0 - - depart North America
Day 1 arrive London
Day 2 in London
Day 3 fly London-Venice, VERY early a.m. flight
Day 4 in Venice
Day 5-8 in Italy
Day 9 depart Italy, arrive Nice
Day 10 Nice/Monaco
Day 11 depart from Nice to return to North America

Just one of a million ways to skin this cat.

Best wishes,

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I assume your priorities are as you stated them: France, England, Italy. With only 11 days, I would just stick to France and England. London 4-5 days with a day trip to somewhere outside of the city, and Paris 4-5 days with another day trip away from the city. This leaves you a day or two to visit something in between or take the Channel ferry if your budget doesn't allow for the Chunnel train. Since this is your first trip to Europe, keep it relatively simple so that you can't wait to go back and see more.

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