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Cindi Underwood Jul 7th, 1998 06:46 PM

England, Bath Area
My Mom and I will be visiting England the end of September. We are planning on two nights in Bath. Can anyone recommend places to stay and places to eat? <BR> <BR>

Pam Jul 8th, 1998 04:09 AM

My Mom and I visited last September and stayed in a lively, small hotel - The Lansdowne Grove. Would recommend checking it out. Had a lovely room with high ceilings overlooking the city - great view! We had high tea in the Pump Room at the Baths. Very nice, worth doing! Enjoy your visit!

sue Jul 8th, 1998 09:51 AM

hi We just returned from Bath we stayed at the Holly villa Guest house. jill the owner is great she has a great sense of humor. it is 45 pounds per night for a double. She has lovely garden too. She does not have email but you can call at 4401244342208 or fax at 44124435178. She does have an ad on the Bath England internet sight. If you need more info on bath email me I can give you my name and she should remember us.

dory Jul 8th, 1998 01:30 PM

We recently spent a weekend in Bath and just loved the Haydon House guest house which offers a gorgeous double room for around 70-80 per night with amazing breakfast. The owners will go out of their way to help your trip. Places to eat include the inexpensive Pierre Victoire which has tables overlooking the river but you need to reserve. Make sure you do the nightly trip around Bath with the comedian which is very funny and well advertised when you get there. Have a good time.

kam Jul 8th, 1998 03:28 PM

Bath is lovely and an easy day trip from London if you don't want to stay, but I would certainly do it if you can. A meal at the Pump Room is a must--string quartet and lovely service. Pricier than the above suggestions, but truly lovely, is the Queensberry Hotel --just around the corner from the Royal Crescent. FAX for info: 011-44-1225- 446065 Reservations can be made at the Karen Brown site at <BR>

Lanny Jul 8th, 1998 05:13 PM

I highly recommend The Francis on Queen Street. It's in the midst of everything and just lovely. I have particularly fond remembrances of it after spending a night of a 7 day stay there on the heated bathroom floor (heated towel racks too -- how often do you find that in England???) recovering from food poisoning from a nasty encounter with bad lasagna at a Stratford on Avon Italian restaurant that I learned to my regret afterwards keeps its Italian food on the back of the stove --not refrigerated -- overnight. <BR> <BR>Seriously, if you are looking for mid to upper end comfort The Francis is IT! We had a spacious bedroom that is more properly a bed sitting room with a hall up to the bathroom, a spacious accomodation for a week unlike many other UK digs. As a place to roam from through the West Country and up into the Cotswolds it was just a perfect place to be. <BR> <BR> <BR>

Martin Jul 8th, 1998 09:13 PM

I would highly recommend the Elgin Villa B&B (01225-424557) at 6 Marlboro Lane, BA1 2NQ Bath. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful and held the room for us when we ran late. This place is also highly recommended in the Rick Steves' Best of Britain book. <BR>As far as food goes, my favorite eats were the Cornish Pasties (little meat or vegetable pies which are meant to be eaten on the run). They are cheap, delicious and don't take away from touring. <BR>If you get bored after a day in Bath (some would find this hard to believe, but I got very bored after less than a day), Salisbury is a great city to visit to see the cathedral and quaint charm. If you decide on Salisbury, email me and I'll tell you more about it. Apart from the Roman Baths, I preferred the sites in Salisbury (but, to each hisher own).

Zoe Jul 9th, 1998 03:46 AM

While you're in Bath, be sure to take a look at the Royal Crescent, a beautiful example of Georgian architecture. I lived in the adjacent street, Marlborough Buildings when I was a baby! (no. 13) <BR> <BR>Also, the Roman Baths are a must. And the shops in Milsom Street are excellent. <BR> <BR>If you're planning on staying in the area, you might like to visit nearby Wiltshire. I grew up there (my mother still lives there) E-mail me if you'd like details! <BR> <BR>Have a lovely trip to England--you'll love it!

suzanne Jul 9th, 1998 07:38 AM

Just returned from England and spent three nights atthe Brompton House in Bath/lovely B and B/close to town. Must due the free walking tour that departs from outside the Roman Baths as it is wealth of info and much better than those crazy on and off buses. Wounderful night irreverant walking tour offered by J J so much fun. Get ahold of Rick Steves Book-you can't go wrong.

S Bowles Jul 9th, 1998 11:05 AM


Raleigh Jul 21st, 1998 02:12 PM

Cindi: <BR> <BR>You may want to stay at a wonderful little town called Bradford on Avon (just outside of Bath). It's a mere 10 minute train ride to Bath - a simple way to visit without driving in and searching for parking. My wife and I fell in love with this quaint little village last September. Some hints: Eat dinner at the Dandy Lion, have a high tea at the Bridge Tea Rooms, and check out the 11th century Saxon church. Email me if you'd like two really good B&B's there.

Barbara Jul 22nd, 1998 03:29 PM

Just returned from England and stayed in Bath for a few days at the end of my trip. I would say that the best place to stay (my friends stayed there) is the Parade Park Hotel on North Parade. It is right central so it's only a few steps to all main attractions, plus it is beautiful, and reasonable. I had booked it, but my itinerary changed, and I ended up staying at farther away. If you can, take the Guide Friday Tour of Stonehenge, and Avebury. Absolutely stunning and magnificent! Avebury is actually a town in the middle of a huge stone circle, and you can go and touch the rocks. Stonehenge is roped off,. but is so spectacular that it doesn;t matter. Along the way you can see the white horse carved in the hill, as well as the Salisbury Plains, and other ancient artifacts along the way. I think the Salisbury Plain is the most interesting area of England, as it is so connected to ley lines and power centres, and ancient sites. There is also a tour to Glastonbury as well, that I never got to make, but would be interesting for sure. Bath itself is quite a bustling little city, but quite beautiful. The bus top tour on your arrival really helps you see where you want to go. Enjoy your trip.

marina foo Jul 22nd, 1998 10:28 PM

<BR>you must try "sally lunds" bakery. supposed to be the oldest bakery near to the river. they serve the best buns with brandy butter spread and a slice of sunkist on it. served hot! MMmm. I miss that the most. please do get their e-mail address/fax/tel when you are there and e-mail the same to me please, please. need to buy their brandy butter. enjoy!

Kate Woodward Jul 31st, 1998 07:34 PM

I hate to sound like a complete tourist, but definitely take the open-top bus tour in Bath. You'll get to see a spectacular view of the city from a hilltop--it's well worth feeling very touristy. <BR> <BR>Bath is my favorite (favourite) city in the UK! You'll absolutely love it.

Rachel Aug 6th, 1998 04:57 PM

For accomadation, you should really try the Bath Tasburgh Hotel, about a mile east of the town center. It has 7 acres of parks and gardens, was built in 1890, and is absolutely beautiful. It's $116 for a double room. (01225/425096) I know someone else already suggested it, but you should eat at Sally Lunn's. They have great food, including what they call a "Sally Lunn Bun" which they'll even ship back home for you!

Rachel Aug 6th, 1998 05:00 PM

mariana, the # for sally lunns is 01225/461-634.

Iris Aug 6th, 1998 05:11 PM

My husband, a niece and I had two beautiful rooms at Haydon House many years ago with former owners. (Owners ultimately left Bath and opened a B&B in York - have info if anyone wants exceptional B&B treatment) It was a wonderful walk to town and afforded us the opportunity to walk off breakfast and go on to our next meal or Sally Lunn bread! A lovely restaurant, do not remember the name - ajoins Royal Theater where if you are interested and lucky you may see something terrific. Enjoy!

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