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John Shirkey Jun 7th, 1997 06:31 AM

Electric Power Conversion
I am traveling to Europe next week and am concerned about the voltage difference. What type of converters do I need for a video camera battery charger and an electric razor? Thanks.

Tricia Jun 7th, 1997 08:26 PM

Hi, We had same worry and found the neatest transformer (at Service Merchandise) that had 3 different plug sizes and voltages for different European countries as they all carry more voltage than our American system. Apparently you plug it into the wall and then plug your appliance/video charger in the front and the transformer keeps your appliance from "frying". Hope that helps. Service Merchandises are on the West Coast but you can probably call hardware stores etc and find a similar transformer.

Lee Jun 9th, 1997 05:05 AM

European power distribution is 220V, 50Hz, unlike North America which is 110V, 60Hz. Many different stores in the U.S. will have a converter available and I believe Radio Shack is one of them. DC devices (those using batteries) won't care about the 10Hz difference. Avoid a cumbersome transformer and just "time-share" your rechargeables with one converter, which typically "trickle charge", anyway. Have a good trip.

Tricia Jun 10th, 1997 08:11 PM

Lee, Saw your message below mine and though I may sound stupid why is a transformer cumbersome. Its very small. Would fit in my pocket or purse and works in many different countries(England, Europe, Usa-Japan-Austrailia). I am taking a curling iron and blow dryer so what do you mean when you say "just time-share your rechargeables with one converter which typically trickle charge...??? Will be taking a battery charger for video camera...So..
I went and got it off of our shelf, and its says Multinational travel converter and is 1 1/2" by 4". The box says Emerson intergrated foreign voltage adaptor 50-1600 watts and it cost $20. Is this different that what you are talking about?? Thanks

Lee Jun 11th, 1997 04:38 AM

Patty, No, you are certainly not wrong. Transformers for this purpose are usually iron core and bulky when rated at higher wattages. They are not very efficient, typically. The one you found that is rated at 1600 watts should more than satisfy the demand. The "time-share" reference was about recharging/using one unit at a time, but you will probably do that anyway. The camera can charge at night as it is. Sounds like you are all set. Have a good trip. Thanks, Lee

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