Edinburgh: How warm of a jacket? :)

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Edinburgh: How warm of a jacket? :)

This sound silly but I am trying to purchase a jacket for my trip to Ireland/Scotland in March and I am stymied. Do I need 100% waterproof (I am guessing so) and how warm of a lining do I need--goose down, something like thinsulate, or should I just buy a rainshell and layer polar fleece under it as the weather necessitates?
All advice appreciated!

PS Feel free to recommend brands and models!
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Check out the weather sites. Layers, and alternatives is good. We were there in October, may be the same as March. Rained. Need rain gear. I took a bright yellow rain poncho... scared children but worked. My husband wished he'd brought his fleece shirt. I had an regular carcoat jacket (cotten) and either a wool blazer or linen jacket with shells. Take on, take off. It's not that cold there.... although I'm from Minnesota and like cool weather. I don't think goose down is necessary unless you are very cold blooded... not an insult some folks get cold easily! Have fun, take layers!
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Whatever you do take something windproof!! I wore a leather jacket in May 97 (an unusually chilly month from what I heard) and froze to the bone.

I wished I had taken a rainproof jacket with an insulating inner shell. That will cover most weather situations. Also take alot of long sleeved tops just in case. Have a great trip!
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Hi Laura,
I just was in Edinburgh for a week earlier this month. It was quite chilly, but fortunately I never got rained on. But trust me, when the wind picks up it gets very cold. I bought the Pacific Northwest Jacket from Eddie Bauer for $98 and loved it. It is lined with Polartec, windproof, waterproof and has a hood. Plus it's not that bulky and can be crammed in a suitcase and comes out wrinklefree. Also look into getting a pair of silk long underwear. Very lightweight, but such a help in keeping you warm.
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Laura, I agree with Cara. I have been in Scotland in March and will be again this March. I have a Columbia winter jacket which I will take. It's fleece lining zips out and it is waterproof on the outer layer so I can adjust to the weather.
Expect temperatures to be anywhere from the 40s to 50s, maybe even 60 if we are lucky. Always expect rain showers - no matter what time of year.
Down would be too warm.
Also the thin long underwear is a great suggestion. Mine are already out, ready to pack.
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Definitely fleece and shell. It'll be colder than wet (on the Edinburgh leg, anyway) and if your flecce is smart enough you can wear to go out in the eevenings and everything.
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Tony Hughes
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Something by Schott of NYC.
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I'd suggest a lightweight rainproof coat, with a fleece and other layers inside. The poster who suggested temperatures of 40-60 is right - take layers, then you're equipped for every eventuality!
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I also have one of the Eddie Bauer jackets that Cara mentioned and love it. It comes in a petite size as well in the catalog. It's a perfect weight and is easy to care for while traveling. Great warmth for Scotland and Ireland. And yes, buy a pair of silk lonunderwear - I love my cuddleduds. I found a pair at Ross and TJMaxx, so keep your eyes open for a cheaper pair. Nordstroms wants $75 for a set of silk longjohns!

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